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The Unit

Written By: Gary on March 7, 2006 One Comment

TheunitSo I’m watching the pilot of The Unit, which sucked me in, it wasn’t my plan. I’m tired and I’m on call for the shelter tonight (until 8am) so I was going to hit the sack in case I go called. But I’m really liking this show. I like the cast (Dennis Haysbert, Scott Foley and others I can’t think of) and then after a few minutes I realized it was the David Mamet show I heard about, I hadn’t heard anything about it (I think I saw it on the front of the entertainment section but then missed the article). He usually does theater or movies, I’m guessing this is his first series. The one thing I remember hearing about him is that if he does something and didn’t write all it he uses a pen name for producing (or something like that). So back to the show, it’s a group of military guys in a unit, a unit that has no name, a unit that gets things done. I like it so far. (a lot)

David Mamet did “Glen Gary Glen Ross”, “Oleana”, “Ronin” and lots more. The first two listed were originally plays, the later he used a different name and I think that’s the time that I had heard about the pen name thing…


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One Response to “The Unit”

  1. Kevin says on: 9 March 2006 at 2:59 pm

    I was holding off on commenting until I finally watched our TiVosode. It was a lot of fun. I think this show has potential.

    And how can you go wrong with President Palmer and a gun, babeeeeee!!

    Sorry, I’ve now taken my Ritalin and feel much better.

    Actually it was a very enjoyable show and one of those that makes you wonder if these teams really do exist and what you would put on your resume for an upcoming job if you ever leave “the unit.”

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