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The Perfect Score – Review

Written By: Gary on August 20, 2005 One Comment

So a few weeks ago I noticed I was getting Showtime, I assumed it was a free preview weekend or something so I TiVo’d (taped) a few shows. One of those shows happened to be The Perfect Score, about a group of kids who decide to steal the answers to the SAT, tonight I got around to watching this one. It wasn’t until I was watching it for a few that I realized I had done that post about the SAT gizmo earlier today (duh!).

So the movie was fun, if you saw the preview it’s pretty much what you’d expect with a few “dream/fantasy” sequences about the planned crime itself. They really ripped on the the whole standardization pigeonholing concept of the whole test and the scoring and how your whole life can be based on this number. The one line that I liked was something like, “They tell us to be individuals our whole life and then stick us all in the same room to take the same test to determine the rest of our lives” (that’s very paraphrased).

Here’s the Trailer and the Official Web Site. On a side note, I really liked the graphics that they ran the credits over.

FYI, the Showtime preview lasted a whole week and I got around 10 different Showtime channels. I never did figure out why…

Another oddity is the parts in the preview that aren’t in (or are different) the movie. The same (if not more so) goes for the stuff on the web site (especially the music video).


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One Response to “The Perfect Score – Review”

  1. kelly says on: 21 August 2005 at 11:18 am

    This sounds interesting!
    I’ve seen a lot of movies showing cutting room floor stuff as the previews, which is interesting. It’s not good enough to stay in the movie but it’s good enough to promote it?
    Whatever…doesn’t stop me from watching it.

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