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The biggest problem with incompetent people…

Written By: Gary on May 12, 2005 One Comment

“The biggest problem with incompetent people is that they don’t know that they are incompetent.” I don’t know if Sarah got that from somewhere, made it up or she paraphrased it, but it’s so true. I had to deal with several customer service people today (me being the customer) and I just wasn’t getting anywhere.

I just wanted them to listen. And if you can’t listen, at least wait until I finish the question before you jump in with an answer that clearly indicates that you didn’t listen.

For example: I’m supposed to call the pharmacist tomorrow at noon to see if they could get my non-generic prescription (if they can’t I’m happy with the generic, that’s just how it was written). Now they just called me to tell me this, even though they assured me this while I was there (so I guess I actually could have gotten it while I was there). So for fifteen minutes I’m on the phone with them (they called me) and all I want to know is if they have the generic if the other doesn’t come in. They swear they have it, but I should call at noon to see if they received the non-generic. Why? Either way I’m getting something when I go there after work. So I wasted a more than few minutes trying to get them to explain why. As far as I can tell it was just so I’m not disappointed later…

Why would I want to be disappointed sooner?!?

That’s fifteen minutes of my life I’ll never get back…


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One Response to “The biggest problem with incompetent people…”

  1. Dave Goodman says on: 22 May 2005 at 7:56 pm

    I saw a T-shirt today that amused me:

    “Oh, I’m sorry! My fault. I forgot you were an idiot.”


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