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The Beekeeper – Tori Amos

Written By: Gary on February 22, 2005 One Comment

So I picked up The Beekeeper today. It really does reminds me of her older albums (even the packaging). I’m liking it so far. There seems to be two versions a reguluar version with 19 tracks and a limited edition with the same album, a DVD and some seeds to plant (I’m not kidding). The DVD has a really long interview thing that I haven’t really listened to yet and a extra track (Garland) that appears to be part video / part slideshow (with quotes from her book Tori Amos: Piece by Piece). Most places seem to have the regular for $12-ish and the deluxe for $16-ish (YMMV).

FYI – I had a hard time getting the CD out of my slot-loading Macintosh Powerbook. I’ve never had such a problem before and I didn’t try to replicated it since it was hard to get out (duh!). Once I got it out I did see that it had a kind of rough matte/flat covering on the label side of the CD. It might have been a fluke but bee (get it?) careful!

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One Response to “The Beekeeper – Tori Amos”

  1. Jenni says on: 24 February 2005 at 7:19 pm

    Wheee! Gotta go get it … I think Ani DiFranco also has a new one out …

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