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The $100 laptop is almost done and it’s WAY cool! (but it’s up to $188)

Written By: Gary on September 19, 2007 One Comment

188LaptopThis is probably the best review of the XO laptop (often called the “$100 Laptop”) I’ve ever seen. This is a very cool machine and should start manufacturing this fall. Unfortunately, it wasn’t designed for US sales, but once the demand gets up there I can see it (or something similar) being offered for sale. We have similar type items in the US but not as advanced and for more than double the price.

With a (tablet-like) twist screen it’s pretty need at how it folds over. And the screen has two modes: bright color and high contrast B & W for outside viewing. It had an SD slot and three USB ports, ethernet, wireless (with the mesh network), web-cam for collaboration, works as a gaming device or sideways as an eBook reader. They had to remove the built in charging crank which is a problem if you’re in a really remote area. I’m sure separate chargers raise the price)?).

The software running on the XO is just as compelling as its hardware. The Red Hat Fedora Linux-based Sugar operating system is fairly basic, and we got comfortable using it within a few minutes. The home screen displays the XO logo within a circle, and the surrounding circle fills up with running programs. At the bottom of the screen, you’ll find the Start Menu and system application icons, including Paint, Write, Chat, and RSS.

– Laptop Magazine

I can see something like this really changing computing for a 1 to 1 ratio. This is all really most people want, e-mail, web, portability (3.5 pounds) and a 10 to 1 charging ratio. The high contrast for reading an e-book will (IMHO) give them something they don’t think they want (lots of text on the go). Add some bluetooth to get on-line on my phone and I’m in. And it runs Red Hat Linux for an OS. I want one of these puppies more than an iPhone.

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One Response to “The $100 laptop is almost done and it’s WAY cool! (but it’s up to $188)”

  1. Leslie Satenstein says on: 20 September 2007 at 7:08 pm

    The 100 dollar laptop is what will replace my pda. Why do I require a pda that requires me to use a magnifying glass to read a document, when this device can display the same page, but in larger scale.

    I also like the webcam that is built-in. Wow, a good webcam is around $100, so we buy the laptop to get the webcam for free. (Or are we buying the webcam to get the laptop for free)?

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