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Technical Problems with CSS

Written By: Gary on February 4, 2004 One Comment

I noticed some formatting problems on my blog today. It was hard to read on some Windows browsers. The text on the left flowed under the text on the right. I’m still working how to fix it. I messed with the CSS for a bit and now it looks okay in most browsers but in some the left side isn’t very wide. The important part is that it’s readable. I’ll be playing with it to see if I can get it working a little better, but CSS isn’t really my thing so…


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One Response to “Technical Problems with CSS”

  1. lou lukas says on: 4 February 2004 at 10:30 pm

    I have no idea how how BLOGs work, so I’m hoping this gets to you in some way. It seems odd that I have no e-mail address for you, an oh-so-connected-one, and that your website has no e-mail options, but nice pictures- looks like great vacations.

    Anyway. How are you? I found myself thinking of you today when I was driving down the highway thinking… I need some new stereo stuff, particularly some new CD playing stuff. How can I store all of my CDs in useful, yet attractive manner? Wait, I know someone who knows about ‘electronica,’ he had amazing ways of organizing CDs… I wonder what Gary is up to?

    I’m on the verge of moving into the townhouse that was promised oh-so-many months ago. It’s only six months late, what’s six months, right? Nothing except that all of my worldly goods are in a shipping container somewhere. It will be like Christmas when I finally move in… ‘I remember this, it was my favorite frying pan!’

    Oh, the good things today? it was WARMMMMMM, 41 degrees, as a matter of fact. I went all day without a coat.

    Have a great day and if you have any electronic advice, I really need it. (If you have any desire to visit NYC or surrounding areas you are also welcome to visit, BTW) I have tickets to see Sting next month, can’t wait…

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