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Written By: Gary on September 14, 2005 No Comment

AwizardofmarsI know I’ve mentioned Diane Duane several times before. But I just got her last two Wizardry books (7-The Wizard’s Holiday and 8-Wizards at War, the latter which came out early!) for my birthday (I read the one, but it just recently came out in paperback and I hadn’t gotten it yet since I had it on my Wishlist) the other is my only hard cover of it. She writes a wide gambit of stuff but the Wizardry books are my favorite and the first two are among my favorite books ever. As books like that go, they are probably more Narnia than HP. Part of what I like are there are rules that define How Wizardry Works, you just don’t wave a wand…

So I’m excited about the new book that’s coming out later next year, A Wizard of Mars, generally if they leave the planet it’s for another galaxy or dimension, this will be pretty close to home. Probably tie into some real science and be more fun that just some make believe planet.

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Kids reading usnews 072505In the July 25th edition of US News and World Report the cover story is about Harry Potter and reading. On page 50 there is a sidebar on “If kids made summer book lists…” and it has some good choices. My favorites are the Chronicles of Narnia, one of the HitchHiker’s Guide books and The Golden Compass. I want to check out the Time Warp Trio.

So print the list and get some kids some books to read. But don’t forget about the So You Want to Be a Wizard series by Diane Duane (my favorite kids books).

Written By: Gary on June 3, 2005 2 Comments

So I’ve been tagged with the book meme (list current books and favorite books and tag a few more people) from Dave over at Blogography.

How Many Books Do You Own? At least five-hundred. A complaint from the last time I moved was “who the hell taught you to read?”. The answer is probably my grandfather, who didn’t teach me to read but taught me to want to read.

What is the Last Book You Bought? Mindscan by Robert Sawyer. I have yet to read this one, so here’s some background on the author. He’s the canadian Michael Crichton, what does that mean? It means he’s awesome (I hope he likes MC) and he makes complicated science fun. He generally does more with connecting everything (science and religion and the mind and the universe) in a holistic way and making it all tie together. He’s entertaining, humorous and very knowledgeable.

What is the Last Book You Read? Time’s Eye by Arthur C. Clark and Stephen Baxter. Imagine To Your Scattered Bodies Go (a classic series from way before it’s time where everyone who ever died resurrected all at once) and the Secret Wars comic (pieces of planets carved up and reassembled into one new planet) combined into one new story. The Earth has been cut up into pieces throughout time and a mishmash of the planet has been reassembled, one step to a new piece of the puzzle may take to the ice age or the future. Plus these silver orbs that defy physics and appear to be watching. Throw in Alexander the Great and Ghengis Khan and you’re ready to go.

Name five books that mean a lot to you. Let’s see if I can keep it to five…

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. This and the rest of the Narnia Series will take you to another world. Don’t let the recent chronological renumbering of the books confuse you, this is the one to start with. Four children who find a passage into another world. A world where they are destined to sit and rule and fight to save the world where “every day is winter, but never Christmas”. This will be a movie this December and I get chills when I see the preview.

Calculating God by Robert Sawyer. Imagine aliens land on earth (Canada of course) and only want to meet with a paleontologist. Imagine they have record of several disasters in the past of their planet the coincide with ours (such as the dinosaurs being wiped out 65 million years ago). What can the cause of this? Why God of course! Isn’t that the reason for science? To prove the existence of God? He’s got some great humor and science and philosophy that’ll make you want to read all his recent books. I’ve given several of this book away as gifts.

Lightning by Dean Koontz. This is a book that I cannot believe hasn’t been adapted into a movie. A non-typical Dean Koontz book with a hero (that I can’t reveal too much about) and the woman he loves and has fallen in love with over and over. And in typical Dean Koontz fashion they are being chased by the bad guys. Hmm… i don’t know what else to say without giving away the story. But it’s my favorite book by him.

So You Want to Be a Wizard by Diane Duane. Forget Harry Potter, if you want wizardary this is the series to read. There are rules to spells, you calculate them, they take time, they have a price and in the long run they slow down the death of the universe. Join Kit and Nita as they learn about wizardry and save the world (several times). Diane Duane has written seven of these books and several other fantasy series, Star Trek books and some SpiderMan books. Another book I’ve given away multiple copies of…

Alas Babylon by Pat Frank. The 1959 classic end of the world novel on how a small courageous Florida town survives after the bombs drop. This is probably the only required fiction I ever had in high school that ever made an impact on me. It’s about people and the basic needs they have after an attack. I can’t imagine how the pampered world of today would be impacted if the same thing happened now.

I’ll mention The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy but won’t use it since Dave did. And an Honorable Mention to The Watchmen (which to me) was the backstory to The Incredibles (yes, this dark comic is the reason those cartoon characters retired) and resposible for the resurgence of Batman (The Dark Knight Returns) in the mid-1980’s.

Now “tag” five individuals to provide their own lists. Okay lets see. Heather, who got me into blogging. Allison who actually has a Douglas Adams quote at the top of her blog right now. Dave at A Product of the 80’s who comments often but I can’t think of him ever mentioning any books. Diane at Arcadian Expressions who’s another Michiganian. Alfie at Noiblata who’s also local. Jenni at Kitten Kiss with whom I share a birthday. And Kelly who doesn’t post often enough but I bet has some interesting reads. So maybe that’s more than five but at least I stuck to five books…

Feel free to tag yourself (no, that’s not dirty) and post a link in the comments.

And I’ve already thought of a few other books I should add… Sigh…

Written By: Gary on June 1, 2004 One Comment
1. Fav. Author?:
Neil Gaiman? Peter David? Jonathan Kellerman? Patricia Cornwell?
2. Fav. Book?:
So You Want to be a Wizard by Diane Duane or Lightning by Dean Koonz…
3. Fav. Blog?:
Sarah who is definitely a SassyPants and Melissa who is Anything but Ordinary.
4. Fav. Website?:
SlickDeals and DealMac.
5. Fav. Magazine?:
I really like my two science magazines: Scientific American and M.I.T.’s Technology Review. Both of which are expiring but I thought I renewed with airline miles…

From Chick Chat which asked questions that didn’t require me to expose too much of my feminine side this week…

Written By: Gary on May 4, 2004 No Comment
  • Do you prefer: Fiction or non-fiction? Fiction, unless it’s reference. If I’m building something or programming, fiction doesn’t help too much!
  • Do you prefer: Magazines or books? Books!
  • Do you prefer: Biography or autobiography? Autobiography, they generally add a bit of insulting tidbits that someone else (nice) might not add.
  • Name your two favorite books: “So You Want To Be A Wizard?” by DIane Duane, she just came out with book sever (or six?) been doing the kids as wizards way before Harry Potter; the difference is there a rules and prices to pay for large amounts of wizardry. “Lightning” by Dean Koontz, I can’t believe this hasn’t been made into a movie.
  • Name two books you haven’t read, but plan to: The new Jonathan Kellerman book called “Therapy”, it’s waiting at the reserve desk at the library. The new Wizardry book (“A Wizard on Holiday”?) by Diane Duane.

    From Tuesday Twosome

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