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Written By: Gary on November 12, 2005 3 Comments
1. If you could write one law regarding the driving laws, what would it be? Why?
A $500 fine for notusing blinkers (changing lanes, turning, etc.). And double the fines for anything if they are practicing districting driving (cell phones, turned around for their kids, yelling at their spouse) if it’s important enough to endanger others it’s important enough to pull over.
2. If you could get the entire world to change one thing about itself (the way it works, the way we think on the whole, etc), what would it be? Why?
To be more tolerant of others and their opinions.

3. What’s your plan for ‘alternative energy source’ plan? Can it work in real life?
I think the hybrid cars would help in all sorts of ways. It’d help with pollution, depleting energy resources//dependancies and I’m sure more that I can’t think of. I’m sure people would just replace a few of their light bulbs with more energy efficient ones it’d help too. It’s less power and less heat generated (so it’s not competing with the air conditioner in the summer).
Bonus Question for Comments:If you could remove one law, what would it be? Why?
I can think of a few but non that I’m willing to start up a debate on.

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