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Written By: Gary on October 22, 2006 One Comment

VisitormapsampleSo I found a new visitor map widget for my site. This one uses the Google Maps for viewing and exploring. It shows where it thinks you are and if you click it, it shows all the recent visitors. I always like to know where people come from (and maps, I like maps). How close does it show you to where you think you are?!?

It seems like it just counts each visitor (or IP?) once, so that’s good, it takes about a half day to update the chart but I think your location is always correct.

The image in this post is “static”. To see the “live” image look in the footer of any page.

I got this from here. It’s set up as a myspace tool but it looks like it’ll work fine if you just copy the image and the link.

I originally didn’t think this was working but I guess it just took a few hours to kick in (I had actually removed the post and had to repost it).

Written By: Gary on October 26, 2005 3 Comments

BlogFlux Map (from Google)So I adding this new BlogFlux badge to the page (it’s down in the footer). If does two different things:

  • It generates a map showing the last 25 visitors (which then has a link to list a map with more than that and other stats).
  • Lists the location of the last few visitors (I have this in the sidebar on my main page). It’s neat, it’s free and I’ve got a thing for maps…

    I had no idea I had so many overseas readers that that weren’t spam (when you look at a site’s raw stats it’s just jammed with spam sites).

    If you try this tool keep in mind stats are never perfect. It’s not going to list stats that they don’t know where they are geographically and probably won’t list RSS feeds or any pages that don’t have graphics and/or JavaScript activated and proxies will probably affect it in a few different ways.

    Real numbers are almost certainly higher. And for any service the you depend on for information put the parts you link to at the end of the page so that if their service doesn’t load correctly or fast or something that it doesn’t affect your page loading (you want your “stuff to load first).

    Pointing at the pointers on the map will give you additional information about the source. BlogFlux has some other services too, like: a button maker, a pinger, a directory, page rank checker a few other things you might like…

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