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Written By: Gary on February 26, 2005 No Comment

1. Is it fun answering these random questions? I think so! As long as it’s a topic I’m interested in.
2. What would you do if Wednesday Whatevers closed? Don’t do that! You just closed Weekend Wonderings…
3. Do windows serve any other purpose than letting in light? They let me see out (which I supposed technically is still light coming in). But they let air in when you open them. Even when closed I think they help with circulation (that’s why they always put heating and cooling ducts by them).
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Written By: Gary on February 20, 2005 No Comment
1. Would you say you have a good memory?
I have a great memory, it’s recalling my memories that’s the problem. I’m serious, sometimes I don’t know what someone is talking about, but once I get it, I recall it with great detail.
2. Have you ever taken an iq test?
No (at least I don’t remember it).
3. Were/are you happy with your grades in school?
I’ve never been big on grades, there wasn’t enough of a connection between them and knowledge. Most of the classes in a topic I was good in I generally got bad grades (I was bored or distracted).

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Written By: Gary on June 27, 2004 No Comment
1. If you found out that you had an advanced stage of an illness (say something like cancer) and only had a few months to live, what would be your first thought?
Why of why did I ever bother to contribute to my 401k? Actually I’d think of all the things I never got done: marriage, children, travel.
2. If you had three days to do anything at all you wanted to do what would you do?
Go for a ride on the space shuttle. I’ve always wanted to do that.
3. What do you think of assisted suicide? Is it humane? Should doctors/people who assist people in killing themselves be charged with murder?
It’s never been a big issue that I had to think about; if it’s what someone thinks they need who am I to tell them otherwise. Apparently the people who want it think it is more humane than what they are going through. It’s not murder any more than the person who will sell them a gun that they might use to (messily) do the same thing.

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Written By: Gary on May 21, 2004 No Comment
1. What kind of computer do you have? Describe it for me! (Like how big is your hard drive, how much memory you have…)
My main G4 PowerBook is work’s actually, but it’s be come my main one everywhere. The 12 inch screen makes it so portable! One GHz, 60GB, 768MB RAM, CD/DVD-R/W, 802.11G. It’s nice. It’ll plug into my cell phone for Internet access too! The desktop is pretty much the same thing without the wireless and a few extra external drives with a 1.3GHz G4 upgrade card. Remember that 1.3 GHz on a G4 is faster then a P4 (probably more like 2.0 (or 2.5?). And I have an XP machine mostly so I can synchronize my Palm OS phone and go to web sites that people weren’t capable of making OS X compatible…
2. How long have you had your computer? Do you plan on getting a new one soon?
The laptop is new, so no. The desktop recently got that upgrade card so I’ll wait a while for that. The XP machine is fast enough to sync my palm so no. I’d like something faster to control the music for my stereo…
3. How many computers do you have in your home? Are they networked/firewalled?
Hmm… I’ve got another old one running Linux (just for fun) and another old one controlling the music on my stereo. Firewalled? Heck yeah, I’ve got two hardware firewalls. They’re cheap enough these days! Battery backups (on everything) and an alarm system to go with the rest of it.

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Written By: Gary on May 14, 2004 No Comment
1. What do you think legal drinking age should be? Why?
Twenty-one is okay, I’d be fine with it lower if we could know that they wouldn’t drive. We just need to enforce it better and enforce over-drinking better. Maybe it they should have a drinking permit and it’s very easily revokable.
2. What do you think the minumum age for voting should be? Why?
Since they don’t vote, I’m not sure what it matters. If the schools taught government better it could be lowered to sixteen.
3. What minumum age do you think someome should be before they’re drafted to war? Why?
Somewhere in the eighteen to twenty-one range. Younger is nicer since they don’t have a family (i.e. kids or spouse). But I’m a bit older than that and I still don’t have one…
& an extra…
4. Do you think the draft should be implemented now for Iraq? Why?
No. But I’m not aware we need more people. Besides, we’d have to train them and I hope we’re out of there by then.

From Weekend Wonderings.

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