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Written By: Gary on April 11, 2007 No Comment

So All new troops sent overseas will now stay 15 months. This includes extending current troops stay to fifteen months. This does not guarantee that the US won’t pull out before 15 months from now (that’s a different policy). I’m getting this live off Fox news while I eat lunch (here’s a direct link). Non Deployed troops in the US are still 12 months (that was a little confusing to me since I assume that you sign up for longer, so maybe it’s for Recruited national Guard-types and others? I really don’t understand how any of that works).

That part that I thought was interesting that Defense Secretary Gates verbalized was that he was quite disappointed (as were others in the pentagon) that the decision was made to announce this directly to the press with no advanced notice to the troops or their families (he said something to this point).

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