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Written By: Gary on March 9, 2007 No Comment

Yes, I said Season Premiere. We all just watched the finale so now it’s time to reveal the next season. I think it’s kind of obvious that there is only a few ways this can go.

Unfortunately, I cannot speculate without giving away the season finale, so beware the spoilers!!

  • Mike was obviously chasing the wrong plane. So there is still a chance. If he wasn’t then Sam doesn’t have a chance, she can’t help herself (even if she gets free she’s too weak/cramped/exhausted.
  • Delinda obviously wasn’t there at the time. We’re not ending that character at this point, she’s been so important (in the story-lines) this season. (He finally believed her and she left and he started to disable it and it went off).
  • Who is the killer? Since there is reasonable doubt who actually did the killing they’ll all get off somehow. Miraculously all the guns were the same caliber so they won’t be able to figure out who fired the fatal shot.
  • And I see Jillian buying the Monticedo. That solves all her problems since she can get her way now.
  • And the robbery, the one with the machine guns, didn’t happen. That was cut into the security footage as a distraction.

    So that’s everything tied up in a nice little ball. The only things that need to be fixed is the floors that had the explosion and the charges/case to figure out who the killer is. That’ll take a few episodes to clear up and we’re done.

    And there’s always the possibility that Casey isn’t dead…

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