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Written By: Gary on February 2, 2006 No Comment

Tristin beautySo my favorite beauty got kicked off of Beauty and the Geek 2 tonight but not before she had a few breakdowns. First she was watching her geek while he was speed dating (he forgot she was listening) and he insulted her intelligence. Then he screwed up the apology (a few times) and made her cry some more and insulted her again (so she cried more). Plus they got sent to elimination (the third time in a row) so she cried a few more times. And then the part that made me sad, they lost the elimination round and won’t be back. She was just nicer than the others and seemed more normal that the other ones.

It’s interesting that the show and WB web site lists her as “Cocktail Waitress / Shot Girl” but her web site (www.tristinclow.com) says “Tristin is an aspiring singer and actress”.

I like the show since I know people like these guys, some from high school and some from college but I knew people like this (and a few traits might apply to me to) so it’s extra hysterical. PopMatters suggests that next season might be the other way around with (hot?) geeky women and self-absorbed dense boys. That might be appealing too…

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