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Written By: Gary on April 14, 2006 No Comment

So Wednesday I mentioned this this Toast video. I thought it was unique, but I guess everyone has something about it or different versions on-line:

  • Cartoon of “Yeah Toast!”
  • Buy the book
  • Crazy girl toast
  • Music video
  • Toast Live
  • The Lyrics
  • Another video
  • Get the mp3

    How have I not heard this “song” before?

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    Written By: Gary on April 12, 2006 3 Comments

    Just had to try this since all the cool kids are doing embedded links like this to YouTube:
    And yes it’s totally stupid, but still, I laughed pretty hard when I watched it…

    Found at Nicole’s.

    YeahtoastI promise any future links to YouTube will not be this huge ugly embedded display. It’ll be a little link like this or an embedded image like on the right…

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