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Written By: Gary on August 6, 2008 No Comment

It might have been longer (an hour or more), I just know it wasn’t any shorter than that. While I really needed the sleep. It’s really cut into my to do list for the day.

And once again I lost the lottery and while it was only a meager $45 million, it certainly would have helped with some of those to do list items…

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Written By: Gary on May 10, 2008 No Comment

So I’ve got a few things I’d like to do this weekend:

  • some spring cleaning
  • some bicycle riding (if it warms up enough this afternoon) too chilly, I just went for a short one.
  • Speed Racer the movie (fans say it’s almost as good as Iron Man)
  • Play with the (semi) new WordPress I’ll do more but I did upgrade a site.

    Need to do:

  • some spring cleaning (yes, I know I used that one above but it needs to be done)
  • a few things for the class that I just started teaching
  • Order stuff from the Artificial Duck store.
  • recycling
  • Mothers’s Day! had lots of fun!
  • Find my driver’s license
  • post some more Costa Rica photos

    Unfortunately, Speed Racer is the one most likely to not happen, but it’s early in the weekend yet…

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    Written By: Gary on October 26, 2005 No Comment

    So I had the day off and got lots done: Saw the Doctor and got 3 different things done while I was there; allergy shot, flu shot and a followup to being sick last week. I think my throat and ears are still pretty scratchy (if not worse) but she says it’s fine (maybe a little fluid). Plus I got the oil changed in my car. Topped the gas of for only $2.29 a gallon!!! Ate lots and relaxed lots, so a pretty good day all in all…

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    Written By: Gary on March 27, 2004 No Comment

    Whew! Got a lot done today!

    1. Got a new grill. I’ve been looking for one that uses briquets(sp?) but finally gave up and then I was looking for one that wasn’t too huge. I finally found one with the sides that will fold down! I love Target (applied for a charge and got 10% off too!)! Plus it went on sale today (Sunday) and they gave me another $10.00 back!
    2. Got my Apple G4 PowerBook looked at (at the Genius Bar). Some how I put a big dent in the cover(?). So I took it to the Apple Store and I got it looked at. They ran some tests and put it in my file so that if I have problems in the future they’ll know it wasn’t because of the dent.
    3. Got a new digital camera! It’s only 3.2 MP but it’s 1.2 more than my last one. I was looking for one that was small, has a real (not just digital) zoom, had an output to hook directly to the TV, did movie more with sound, had a viewfinder (not just an LCD) and extra bonuses were that it pretends to be a USB drive (haven’t tried this yet), has a audio notation mode. I would have preferred some more mega-pixels, but this will do for now. Does anyone know of a 5 (or 4) MP camera that has all of the above and is small?

    Whenever I think of crossing things off of lists it always makes me think of The West Wing with Laura Dern when she was the Nobel Poet Laurete.

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