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Written By: Gary on September 25, 2005 No Comment

So I saw Flight Plan yesterday. I enjoyed it, I definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed the flight. Think Die Hard / Passenger 57 with Jodie Foster as the ultra smart airplane engineer (who has to consider the ideafact that she might be a little crazy) but there is no visible enemy. How do you fight back?

Flightplan (Widescreen Edition) Robert Schwentke, Karen Inwood SomersSo you’re on a plane and have a hysterical mother who’s missing her child during a flight. What do you do? Even if you don’t believe her, what do you do? Lots of screaming and calming down. The movie made a lot of people look suspicious though, it made it hard to pay attention at first.

Very cool plane, a LCD TV in every seat, it was bugging me that I couldn’t figure out how the trays came out (but yet didn’t still block the screen). The soundtrack was very mellow, I expected different from James Horner for this type of movie, please note I didn’t say bad or disappointing, I just thought it’d be a little more ala Brainstorm.

I enjoyed it, it was pretty much what I expected. A few (maybe more than a few) loopholes but it’s a movie and I can can live with that. Most of the reviews I’ve read didn’t seem to like it, but as I said, I enjoyed it.

I’ve always enjoyed Jodie Foster, the earliest memories of her are Paper Moon (TV series) Tom Sawyer and Foxes. The last one, Foxes, always crosses my mind when I think of her, I recall it being really intense and depressing but that was so long ago and I always mean to rent/buy it but I never remember. I know she was in Freaky Friday and Taxi Driver (which I never saw) but I never think of those until I see a list (and sometimes I confuse her movies with Tatum O’Neil (but I think that’s because she was in the Paper Moon movie). I remember reading she was a Macintosh user too…

Pay attention to the beginning five minutes. When she’s with the husband, when she looks out her daughter’s window and the cab driver. I don’t know if they have any relevance, but I sure wish I had paid more attention to the people in those scenes at the beginning. Like I said maybe there is nothing, but at least you’ll know…

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