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Written By: Gary on September 27, 2007 No Comment

SupermandoomsdaySo Amazon Unbox is having their usual 99 cent sale again this weekend (six different movies). Usually the movies don’t show up cheap until Friday, but it seems to be working today (and there are a few reruns from last week).

This weekend they’ve got Superman: Doomsday, interesting movie it’s based on the whole Death of Superman story-line from 10+ years ago but it was an entertaining movie (I watched it last week on a day I was home sick). Voices by Adam Baldwin, Anne Heche respectively as Superman/Clark and Lois. It was odd though with the amount of death and violence in it, this isn’t a kid’s movie at all. Note the bloody Superman logo, it’s representative of the movie. Lex Luthor is ruthless and totally evil! At least Doomsday was an evil mutant from space!

So if you’re interested it’s worth the 99 cents (at least it entertained me while I was sick). You can download it to your TiVo (which rocks) or your Windows PC (which PC say is an okay process). I think you can even buy them straight from your TiVo menu now, but I haven’t tried that.

This weekend they also have:

  • Lonely Hearts
  • I Think I Love My Wife
  • Lucky You
  • Zodiac
  • The Contract
    The movies change weekly so be sure to check back often; you have 30 days to start to watch them (but only 24 hours after you start watching to finish).

    I just think this service to push movies down to your TiVo is totally cool. It’s NetFlix but without the mailing of the DVDs back and forth. If you use TiVo you need to try this.

    (Later – I noticed this DVD at a store with a sticker on it: “The first Superman cartoon to be rated PG-13!!!”, like it was a bonus and not a warning)

  • Written By: Gary on November 20, 2005 No Comment

    So I really like movie previews and a while back I posted a link to a Superman Returns preview (that was probably fake). But as I was looking at this Superman Returns preview I noticed something really interesting.

    In addition to the normal options of QuickTime and Windows Media Player they added two more options: Download this to your iPod or your PSP. Very cool that these have caught on so quickly. And it benefits them, why have you and your friends download a movie preview a dozen times when you can download it once and show it to many many friends…?

    FYI – I couldn’t get QT previews to load on my PowerBook, but the iPod one worked for me. How strange is that?

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    Written By: Gary on October 13, 2005 One Comment

    Speaking of movie previews. This is (possibly) one from the new Superman Returns movie (June 30, 2006). The artwork for the poster looks very ALex Ross-ish to me. This movie preview may be a fan creation but it does appear to be footage from some sample featurettes that have been shown hare and there (here’s a little more background). Since the music appears to be from the 1970s Superman movies, it made me think it might be a fan creation, but lots of movies use different music for the previews (especially a year in advance).

    Things I noticed: he looks a bit like Christopher Reeves. A few scenes have a very feel from the old ’70s movies. Especially on Lois’s rooftop. Rumor has it Lois is dating Lex and has a baby, my guess is the last few seconds of the movie show the baby has some abilities of Clark’s…

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    Written By: Gary on November 26, 2004 2 Comments

    Speaking of Nicolas Cage who was once rumored to play the part of Superman in a new movie, I read a new rumour today. It was mentioned that Jason Behr, from Roswell the Series (and who was just in The Grudge which I didn’t know he was in) with Sarah Michelle Gellar, may be slated to play Superman and his alter-ego in the next movie installment. (Interview magazine, November 2004, page 38). I like Jason, but I’m not sure how I feel about that…

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