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Written By: Gary on January 4, 2008 No Comment

So last summer a copy of the “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” was floating around the ‘net and I had a chance to see it. It was awesome, and ever since then, in my head, I’ve pictured Linda Hamilton playing the Sarah Conner part. But as they’ve been advertising it, I’ve realized it’s not Linda. I’ve recently had a chance to re-watch it, and I know when I first saw it I knew it wasn’t Linda, but since then I started thinking it was her…

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles  - The Complete First Season Warner Home VideoIf you haven’t seem it it’s great. I’m interested to see how they are going to turn the 47 minute pre-pilot into a two night premier. A few minor edits can really ruin a great show (I still can’t believe how they ruined the pilot to “The Big Bang Theory” with just a few edits, but I digress…).

Thomas Dekker does an excellent job as John Conner, you’ve seen him as Zach the flying kid on Heroes.

WARNING – Minor Spoiler below…And the beautiful, wonderful, kick-ass Summer Glau just gives me chills when she says the famous line “Come with me if you want to live!”. It makes me want to go back and watch Firefly and Serenity (as River Tam); you’ve also seen her on The 4400 as Tess (and on The Unit as Crystal Burns, but I must have stopped watching it before that).

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