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Written By: Gary on October 4, 2005 2 Comments

Last night it was cloudy, but tonight the sky was just beautiful. I keep forgetting to look up and see what that red thing (dot/planet) to the east is maybe 45 degrees up (I’m always a bad guestimator on that stuff, but it wasn’t near the horizon).

There are so many stars. I know that I can see so many more up north but even at home, there are just so many. Why?

I know that’s not a first for the question but there’s just so many of them. And they are so far away and apart from each other. That’s not even taking the relativistic effects of the grand distances between them all, that’s just another ball of awe (and thoughts). If we ended up with “us” here, regardless of the source (or the odds) there’s just got to be more life out there. Or at least more of something out there.

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