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Written By: Gary on August 23, 2008 One Comment

Wow! What a great episode! I watched it for something entertaining and energetic and that wasn’t what I got at all, it was a really really emotional episode. Rodney, the main (very arrogant) genius scientist, had a debilitating disease that that was affecting his mind and they showed the progress of the disease through a series of recordings of what was happening. It was so sad and emotional (not at all what I had planned for) but I thought the acting and the story was great. There were some hysterical parts also so it was just all sad parts.

It really showed a different side of everyone as they knew their friend was deteriorating and dying. It also let Jewel Staite, who plays the Doctor, have a bigger part in the show. Definitely not a shoot-em-up episode…

The other twist in the plot was with the emotionless Ronin who knew of a shrine that would allow someone to regain their facilities for a day before they died. He’s just such a tough guy and to see him talk about how it was when he was a kid and took his grandfather there was a completely different side of him.

Written By: Gary on September 29, 2007 No Comment

What a pleasant surprise to notice that the season premiere of Stargate Atlantis was in my now playing list this morning, I didn’t ever realize the new season started last night. Since Stargate SG-1 ended last season, Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) will on Atlantis now so we’ll get to see her bicker more with Rodney. And the lovely Jewel Staite will be sticking around fro (at least) the whole season as Dr. Jennifer Keller (Jewel most recently played Kaylee on Serenity / Firefly).

Lots of action and effects. It was a non-stop episode and I really enjoyed it. But I’m completely tired of the replicators, it’s just time for a new villain, or just a season of StarTrek-type exploration. And I’ll miss Daniel Jackson…

Semi-spoiler – I just noticed someone missing from the splash page at http://www.scifi.com/atlantis/, that must not happen for a episode or two yet…

Written By: Gary on June 28, 2006 One Comment

So one of the things on my 101 in 1001 list is to make sure I own 50 excellent movies (if I don’t own then I need to buy them) watch them again and do a review on-line. By “excellent” it has to be something to have mostly wide appeal (I’m sure a few won’t) and I’m trying to have a range of the types of movies. I probably owned 15-20 I’d put in this category and I’ve probably already bought a dozen since.

Without question StarGate would be one of those movies. And since I’ve been thinking about it a lot since my trip to Egypt. The ultimate edition actually includes the original and the longer cut on two DVDs (and gobs of extras). It’s a great movie with Kurt Russel as the action hero and James Spader as the geeky egyptologist who thinks that aliens might have actually built the pyramids. The government has some items they dug up a few years back and are trying to decipher the writings on it and they bring in the ridiculed scientist to come help them make it work.

I can tell you why I was disappointed, I was hoping for more Egypt references but while I remember lots, this show did turn into seven seasons of StarGate SG-1 full of references so I guess that’s where I recall lots from, I just thought there were more in the original movie. There was a bit, I just hoped for more. Still a great flick, lots of action great scenery, some big explosions and some really great characters. And they really do have a good story tie into the creation of the pyramids. Plus he also finds what every geeky guy traveling across the universe needs, a beautiful woman who doesn’t realize what a geek he really is :)

Written By: Gary on April 23, 2006 2 Comments

StargateSo I was on a carriage ride and saw this in the park. It was hysterical if you’ve ever seen the movie Stargate (Kurt Russel / James Spader) or the TV Series Stargate SG-1 (Richard Dean Anderson) or Atlantis. They use a Egyptian artifact like this to travel to other worlds. Worlds still under the rule of aliens posing as guides gods. Gods using names like Ra and Anubis on planets with names like Abadoes and Karnak (these are egyptian names and places).

160Px-Stargate-ColorThe shows uses quite a bit of Egyptology (mythology) and there are always ruins that they have to explore in the show. And occasionally they use some of the old Egyptology stories to figure the interaction between the god/aliens.

See a view of the actual gate from the show.

Written By: Gary on September 22, 2004 No Comment

I guess after seven seasons they decided they could take the take the show to some points where the couldn’t before. What I mean by that is, you don’t have to worry about using up all the cool possible plot lines too early in the life cycle. Now you just pack as many as you can in an episode and let the watchers enjoy. Friday was the summer finale (they do a few short “seasons” a year) and it had a lot packed into it, it was a great show and it kept moving. What I didn’t understand is why they didn’t end the show 45 seconds earlier and make it a cliffhanger…

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