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Written By: Gary on March 18, 2010 No Comment

I’ve really been cleaning and getting rid of things lately. Last week I easily had double the average, but this week I’ve outdone myself. How much? Enough to where I thought I should take a picture of it!!!


The stuff on the left is recycling, the stuff on the right is trash. The box in the very middle is some book-type stuff that I’m not sure if it’s recyclable so I’ll let them figure it out. I’ve also got some boxes of books and stuff to take to the Salvation Army or somewhere too.

My neighbors are probably wondering why I’m doing flash photography outside at midnight..?

The inside it still a bit of a disaster, I’ve got to get that picked up since my mother is stopping by tomorrow today…

Written By: Gary on November 13, 2005 No Comment

Look around your house, what is one thing that you have too many of? One thing?!? I’ve got too many things of several items:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Computer and other tech ports

    From Question of the Day

  • Written By: Gary on February 13, 2005 One Comment

    I can’t believe how much stuff I have. A lot of it is old computer/stereo stuff that was a fortune that I can’t bear to part with because (A) it was expensive when I got it or (B) what if someone I know needs a spare part for that model someday (in the far future) or (C) someday I might want a bunch of this stuff for the Gary LaPointe Computer Museum (actually if I ever have my own company or consulting firm the lobby/waiting room will be a computer museum of sorts).

    Needless to say I cleaned/sorted the spare bedroom and storage area (under the stairs) and threw away a lot of stuff. Grabbed a few things to give a away and put a bunch of stuff in the garbage. The storage room is done, the spare bedroom will never be done but at least you can move around in there (and all the holiday stuff is down and in the farthest corner).

    Also this weekend I fixed my car headlight which should have been an easy job (but took forever) and got a friend hooked on the best drug out there, TiVo! She’ll never give it up!!!

    Next weekend will be sorting/cleaning my home office (now that I’ve made room in the other rooms to move that junk to).

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