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Written By: Gary on May 9, 2007 No Comment

Spider-Man 3 Peter DavidSo I had day off and it was raining so I finally took the time to go see Spider-Man 3. I really enjoyed it! Lots of differences between the movie and comics but these days with alternate universes and different story-lines (such as Spidey having a secret identity in one series and not in another) there are lots of differences from comic to comic too.

Lots of action and effects; all the sand and the black suit moved around really cool. Unfortunately, sometimes the action was moving so fast it was hard to see what was happening. Gwen Stacy was in this story which was interesting since the ‘falling off the bridge’ sequence from the first movie was originally taken from the comics with Gwen being the fallen. Toby (Peter) just played such a nerd, I don’t remember him being such a dork in the earlier movies.

What I don’t like about super-hero movies is they make the plots too busy; why have one villain when you can have three? They spend too much time setting things up and then the other half of the movie breaking them down. Not enough time spent with Gwen, Venom and Sandman. And who’s the dorky cute girl across the hall? Does she eventually become a hero or villian?

While I haven’t read it (yet) the novelization is by Peter David. Peter has written everything (books and comics) from The Hulk to Star Trek to the Little Mermaid so it’s certainly worth checking out.

Written By: Gary on August 15, 2004 No Comment

spideysplitFinally saw Spiderman 2! Great special effects. Actually saw him move slow enough to see the costume, which was pretty cool. Lots of action, good effects, lots of little cameos and more. Plus they do a great intro to remind you what happened last movie.

TM and KD were great but KD just isn’t very cute when she doesn’t smile (spoiler: she’s pissed at Peter a lot).

BTW, have you seen the lego version of the movie?

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Written By: Gary on August 12, 2004 No Comment

spideyWe re-watched Spiderman the other week to be fresh to see Spideman 2, but we still haven’t seen it… I’ve got Kill Bill 2 arriving today (from Blockbuster.com) so we’ll probably watch that tonight, but if it doesn’t arrive in the mail I think I might be in a Spidey mood.

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Written By: Gary on December 22, 2003 No Comment

Have you seen the preview for Spiderman 2? It looks like it has some pretty good effects and hopefully some plot…

I cannot even tell you how excited (some of) my friends and I get when we see extra movie previews!

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