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Written By: Gary on February 26, 2008 No Comment

I’m home sick today, but the view is just gorgeous! And it’s still coming down…

I’ve been lousy since last Tuesday and I’ve been home yesterday and today. Yesterday and Sunday were the worst, I’m way congested in my lungs which cuts into my sleep time, drugs help when I’m sick but sleep and Creamy Tomato Soup help the most. The doctor thinks it’s something viral but still kept me on the anti-biotics she game me last week..

I wish health was more of a science (I’m serious) and we knew more about it. Like, if I had stayed home on Friday (when the cough had started getting really bad) would I have gotten better over the weekend? Or would that have been minor on my road to recovery? Or did I need to get worse to get better?

Back to the snow: It’s really thick on trees and bushes and railings. It’s times like this the I wish I lived with a view and I could sit by the fireplace and watch the snow fall over the landscape (and not have the “Palace Liquor & Deli” be my landscape).

Written By: Gary on December 23, 2007 No Comment

The stupid rain washed away all my Christmassy snow :(

Written By: Gary on December 5, 2007 No Comment

I forgot to mention that it was snowing a little on the way home from the airport. It’s nice and white out there today!!

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Written By: Gary on December 19, 2004 4 Comments

So we did Christmas with part of the extended family and Kelli (one of my cousin’s kids) was all dressed up in different clothes that had snowflakes and different shades of blues. I just kept thinking, “Hey! She looks like my blog!”

Written By: Gary on December 18, 2004 One Comment

I’ve got a new wintery snowy template for my blog! This is extra relevant since the fall theme was definitely out of date. Even more relevant as I was whining today that I want to go see Christmas lights but I want there to be snow on the ground when I do it!

A special Thank You to Graphix by SnoGirl.

Written By: Gary on December 15, 2003 No Comment

Actually they are gone for now, but you can still Make a Flake and stay in the wintery mood! This is pretty neat/fun/unique. You can share and even browse the library.

Technically this is supposed to be an ad for Jockey but the first link gets it full screen for you. (If the first doesn’t work, try the second.)

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