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Written By: Gary on March 6, 2011 No Comment

Turns out it was just winding me up! Look at all the snow we got yesterday, it’s just a few inches but yesterday it was all washed away…

Isn’t the “first day of spring” in just a few weeks?!?

Written By: Gary on December 23, 2008 No Comment

weatherdec232008.2008The roads are awful right now. I’m working my way down to my neck/back doctor’s office and finishing up Christmas shopping as I pass by places. The speed of the traffic determines how many of those errands that I’ll get done. Unfortunately, it probably won’t be anywhere near enough time…

And the weather doesn’t make it look like it’s going to get any better any time soon. That’s Michigan in the center if you can’t tell…

Written By: Gary on February 26, 2008 No Comment

I’m home sick today, but the view is just gorgeous! And it’s still coming down…

I’ve been lousy since last Tuesday and I’ve been home yesterday and today. Yesterday and Sunday were the worst, I’m way congested in my lungs which cuts into my sleep time, drugs help when I’m sick but sleep and Creamy Tomato Soup help the most. The doctor thinks it’s something viral but still kept me on the anti-biotics she game me last week..

I wish health was more of a science (I’m serious) and we knew more about it. Like, if I had stayed home on Friday (when the cough had started getting really bad) would I have gotten better over the weekend? Or would that have been minor on my road to recovery? Or did I need to get worse to get better?

Back to the snow: It’s really thick on trees and bushes and railings. It’s times like this the I wish I lived with a view and I could sit by the fireplace and watch the snow fall over the landscape (and not have the “Palace Liquor & Deli” be my landscape).

Written By: Gary on December 15, 2007 One Comment

So it’s snowing and we’re supposed to get a lot tonight (the “don’t park in the street” siren already went off). I’m geeked about that since it doesn’t seem like Christmas without it.

But I’ve noticed I’ve still got a fall theme up on my blog so I’ll be changing that to a Christmas theme that I’ve used before (if I can find all the parts). I’ve been learning WordPress and so far I’ve learned it’s SO much easier to change themes in WP than in Movable Type…

So it looks funny over the next hour or so, I’m working on getting out the fall colors!

Written By: Gary on November 3, 2006 No Comment

So check out LineRider. Just draw a slope (not too steep) and hit play! Hit stop and you can modify your drawing. It’s entertaining (at least for a few minutes)

From Rocketboom.

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Written By: Gary on April 23, 2005 2 Comments

It’s snowing. You read that right, this isn’t an old post, it’s April 23rd and it’s been wet, windy and snowy all day. No accumulation, yet…

Yes, I said yet, they are predicting 4 to 7 inches of accumulation tonight! There is actually a storm warning from 10AM today until 6PM tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a warning that long (32 hours) before.

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Written By: Gary on January 22, 2005 2 Comments

I cannot believe how much snow we’ve gotten today! I actually had to go out in it to get more drugs (medicine, in case you didn’t read the previous post). It’s everywhere and it’s high and it’s cold out. Unfortunately there were several ice festivals today, I’m sure this affected attendance…

Kudos to Land Arc , the property management company, that plows my condos, they’ve been doing a great job this year!

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