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Written By: Gary on June 21, 2004 No Comment

Assume that you have to spend six months in total seclusion, in a room about the size of a one-car garage. You will not be allowed any visitors during these months, but you may take with you any three objects of your choice… provided you can carry them in your arms when you enter the room. Food, drink, and clothing will be provided for you daily. What three objects would you bring along?
I’m assuming a toilet, heat, light, electricty and A/C? Do I get dessert?

Their seems to be some different thoughts as to weather there is Internet/phone/(WiFi?) access…
I suppose either way, I want:

  1. a Macintosh computer loaded with software, MP3, videos, eBooks, etc. (I’d like books to hold but I could deal with e-books if I had to.)
  2. A bunch of Sharpies (all the colors and thicknesses) to draw on the walls (or paper) with.
  3. Printer (with paper and ink).

This was tricky since there weren’t many restrictions listed. I tried to stick into what I understood from the question. Is a box of sharpies one object? Is printer and paper?

If I don’t have 2-way Internet (which I’d trade either other the last two items for) I’d even take one way Internet (retrieve only), I’d even take one way avoiding the news sites (depending on the definition of seclusion).

I’ll have to pay attention to what I do in a day to see what I need… See what others think…

From QOTW.

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