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Written By: Gary on January 22, 2009 2 Comments

I was actually looking for something else on-line when I stumbled onto this. Kids riding a zip line to get to school!

It sounded like the village name is Los Pinos in Columbia.

Direct link is here

Written By: Gary on October 30, 2004 One Comment

You only have until this Monday to sign up for Fall Burn It 2004.Burnitbluefire

It’s fall and that always makes me think of school, so this theme is all about music that makes you think of school days. It can be songs that came out while you were in school, songs that make you think of school (whether it was out at that time or not), or songs that make you feel like you’re back in school.

You send out mix CDs and you get three from different people from all over (the US or Canada). So you make up an 80 minute CD of stuff you like and you get another 240 minutes (maybe 3 hours!) of music back. It’s interesting what you get, you should try it…

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Written By: Gary on June 10, 2004 No Comment

Schools Out. My babies are gone. I’ve got tomorrow off. I’m just about to get into bed. Okay, (since you asked) I’ll elaborate.

The last day of school for the teachers was today! My phone should ring a lot less with all the things that they’ve thought of the last 9 months that they want to remind me of as they run out the door. It’s still busy, our fiscal year ends in 3 weeks so lots of wrap up and then the new one starts and that takes time and then it’s mid-july and everyone is back in a month…

I want to go to England for a week in July, anyone have suggestions on where to get the best price from Detroit?

Okay, so they aren’t my babies. Day care for the district is in my building so I get to see all the little kids when they go for walks or play outside etc. But they are all wonderful and I already miss them. Whatever it is in the drinking fountains at school that causes the staff to get so pregnant so often also causes the children to be beautiful and smart and to generally like me. They are great kids and the department that takes care of them does an excellent job. It’s great to see them and they all know who Mr. Gary is. Speaking of the water in the district, one of my favorites’ became a big sister today as her mom had twins!

I’m all tuckered out from the last few weeks, so I took a vacation day tomorrow, made a list that maybe I’ll cross a few things off of. I’ve got the new Lee Child and Dean Koontz books from the library. The forecast isn’t great, maybe I can cross a few items off. And play outside on Saturday. Maybe I’ll rollerblade, I got my bike out the other day and it was great to ride around.

Bonuses today: Lots of end of the year/retirement food. Very few voice mails. Visiting teachers on maternity leave, which really means I got to see/hold/play with a few babies. Lots of hugs and handshakes from people leaving for the summer or forever.

Written By: Gary on June 10, 2004 No Comment
Onesome: School— Since the school year seems to be over (your mileage may vary: some of you are already in summer sessions!): what was your favorite year in school? Yeah, the one you had the best time in or learned something special or had that learning breakthrough?
I loved the year I spent in my master’s program. Projects I liked, classes, I liked, profs I liked, I think I even got in a lot of dating and socializing in that year!
Twosome: Bus— Hey, how did you get to school in the early years? Walk? Bike? Mommy van? Bus? …and for those still attending, how are you getting to and fro these days?
Walked, when I got older I biked. When I got to middle school, I was pretty good on my bike in the snow (falling on the ice is way better than falling on cement).
Threesome: Stop— …and when did you stop going to school? …or did you? Are you still at it? Any plans to go back for those who are out of the system?
I went for 11 years straight. One summer I worked at a camp but every other summer I took classes. 4 Associate’s, 1 Bachelor’s, 1 Master’s and a lot of assorted credits. I loved college, I loved my assistantships too. I only left because they kept complaining about ‘academic progress’ or something like that… I didn’t really like the Ph.D. classes so much. I miss it, I miss the East Lansing area. What I really miss is that every 10 weeks class was over and you got to start over, you could only fall so far behind before you ‘reset’ back to the starting line again. it was kind of refreshing.

From The Thursday Threesome

Written By: Gary on June 4, 2004 No Comment

It’s been crazy the last few weeks. Lot’s of late nights at work, I’ve been doing 6-8 sessions with teachers, graduation and the end of the year get together is tonight and tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment and then I had a 12-2 session with more teachers. Most of the staff will be gone for the summer in a week but it’ll still be busy. Lots of end of the year stuff (our fiscal year starts July 1) and then stuff to start the new year. Hopefully a vacation in July! :)

The get together tonight will be nice, it’s like a wedding reception but instead of a Bride & Groom, we have retiree’s. And we’ve got a great band, L’usa whom I normally go to see when they play at the local restaurants/bars/clubs.

Written By: Gary on May 1, 2004 One Comment

You’ve been offered a full college/university grant, all expenses paid, for the school and study program of your choice. You can go to any school, anywhere, and study anything you want, without a single cent out of pocket for education, materials, or cost of living. Get your pencils and notebooks, let’s go back to school.

  • Would you take the offer? In a heartbeat.
  • Where would you go? I’d like to go somewhere different but I only speak english so my choices would be limited, probably England or Australia, downtown London possibly.
  • What would you learn? Would you pursue a course of study related to your current occupation, or would you explore something all together new? I’d probably pursue something semi-related to my current occupation (technology director for a school district). My first choice would be to get my teaching certificate but an out of the country certification probably wouldn’t do me any unless I stayed there (which wouldn’t be out of the question). My other choice would be to get back into computer programming, which is where I started and I miss that sometimes. If I had to pick something completly new I’d lean towards a science like astronomy.

    From Saturday Slant.

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