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This is where the aliens crashed in 1947 and then they took the bodies to Area 51.

Written By: Gary on June 15, 2007 One Comment

Roswell60ThWell, it doesn’t look like I’m going to get to go to Roswell, New Mexico this year. I can get flights and I actually have the time in my schedule but I can’t find any hotels in the area, and I mean any. I’ve checked with all sorts of travel sites and direct hotel sites but I’m just not finding any on-line (I will call some hotels today, JIC). And if it’s that cRaZy I’m not sure I want to stay a town or two away and commute into the craziness that must be going on.

Unless anyone has some recommendations for somewhere or someplace to call, I’d be thrilled for the info. Leave a comment or send an e-mail.

Written By: Gary on February 21, 2007 One Comment

So some different things got me thinking about Roswell: Quite often Grey’s Anatomy does since Katherine Heigl was one of the stars. So that started me thinking about the TV series Roswell and I started surfing around stumbled along THE video clip (to set this clip up, you need to know that Max and Liz didn’t know each other well but secretly had crushes, two men get in an argument in the Crashdown Cafe, a gun goes off, Liz falls to the ground and Max runs to her side) where it all started . It was a great series but it only made it three seasons, which is actually pretty good for sci-fi.
And then I remembered that the Roswell UFO Festival is this summer (as always) but this year is 60 years since the aliens crashed there. The biggest coverup since well, since anything else. This is the reason as to why they always dismiss UFO sightings as ‘weather balloons’ because that’s what they accused the Air Force guy of doing, of confusing a weather balloon with a spaceship…

I’m really thinking of going to the festival this summer, has ever anyone gone? Any tips? Anything from someone whose been there but not during a festival? Maybe a not-to-miss place (museum or restaurant)? Or an alien-theme hotel or maybe just a good but cheap hotel?

Written By: Gary on July 14, 2005 No Comment

Astronaut garyI can’t tell you how much I wanted to be an Astronaut when I was a kid. When they built and launched the Space Shuttle I thought I’d be able to do it as a passenger but with major setbacks every few years we haven’t gotten there yet. This was a suit that they had at NextFest (see my other NextFest posts). They kept pointing the to the sensors on the front and asking kids about it (the stick way out so you can’t look down in the suit) but the suit was missing the item you’d need to read the sensors so most of the kids weren’t making the connection.

(Hint: The item would be attached to the arm). NASA had a great setup. They had a bunch of stuff for the solar sail (which hadn’t been launched yet) too and the material was so light you didn’t feel it in you hand, I think the static in your body almost repelled it. It had a very SciFi Roswell quality about it…

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Written By: Gary on July 5, 2005 2 Comments

I’m really liking the first season of Lost! I never watched it the first time around and I’m loving it. What’s great is most of these people have nothing to do with one another so the stories don’t have to be related at all! Emilie de Ravin, who played the bad alien in Roswell, is growing on me, I didn’t like her much as Tess but her pregnant character is interesting. And Terry O’Quinn (from Alias, X-files and Millenium) is a great character too, they just revealed his secret in the episode I just watched.

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Written By: Gary on May 22, 2005 4 Comments

GreysanatomyIt was the season finale, wasn’t it?!? I don’t see any more episodes in my Tivo, either way it was a very busy episode. Poor George, he’s just the butt of everyone’s jokes and all he can do is stammer if it’s an embarrassing situation. At least he’s the new girlfriend (anyone know who plays her?). Every time I see Isobel I just want to reminisce and pull out the old Roswell DVDs, she’ll always be Isabel to me (oh wait, she still is).

I think “cliff-hanger” at the end will be resolved pretty easily come next season…

BTW, whenever anyone questions your relationship with your boss (and it turns out that you started dating him before he was your boss and/or you knew he was going to be your boss) that should be the first thing you say to them!

FYI, there is a nurse blog from the hospital, it’s a little out of date (but aren’t most of them?).

Written By: Gary on November 26, 2004 2 Comments

Speaking of Nicolas Cage who was once rumored to play the part of Superman in a new movie, I read a new rumour today. It was mentioned that Jason Behr, from Roswell the Series (and who was just in The Grudge which I didn’t know he was in) with Sarah Michelle Gellar, may be slated to play Superman and his alter-ego in the next movie installment. (Interview magazine, November 2004, page 38). I like Jason, but I’m not sure how I feel about that…

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Written By: Gary on November 7, 2004 2 Comments

KheiglIsn’t it strange that on all the different shows that Katherine Heigl has been on that she has done at least three different rolls with several versions of the same (semi-unique?) name? That would be Roswell Grey’s Anatomy and Wuthering Heights she played Isabel and Isobel and Isabel. I just think that’s a little weird…

I’ll mention the fourth Aizy (from Critical Assembly) because it’s a lot like several of the nicknames she had for Isabel (Izzie and Issa). You can see this all at her listing on the IMDB.

She’s supposed to be on a new show Grey’s Anatomy and when I looked up to see when it started I saw her name so it made me start thinking. (FYI – It’s now slated for January 2005)

Did you know she’s engaged to Jason Behr who played her brother on Roswell?

Written By: Gary on August 16, 2004 One Comment

I just saw that the second season of Roswell is coming out in October!!!

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Written By: Gary on June 9, 2004 One Comment
1. What is the coolest movie gadget / prop you’d like to have in real life?
The prop works!?! Just like in the movie?!? All sorts of sci-fi gizmos, gadgetry and starships flash before my eyes. Let’s be more practical… Maybe a Stepford Wife? The DeLorean from Back to the Future? A magic lamp with three wishes? Oh! I know! The gizmo Arnold and Danny used to make Arnold have a baby in Junior. Or I guess I could just use the lamp…
2. What movie has your favorite / most passionate kiss scene?
All I can keep thinking of is the scene from that thing you do When Faye (Liv Tyler) says, somekind

I have wasted thousands and thousands of kisses on you–kisses that I thought were special because of your lips and your smile and all your color and life. I used to think that was the real you, when you smiled. But now I know you don’t mean any of it. You just save it for all your songs. Shame on me for kissing you with my eyes closed so tight.

But that’s really kind of a non-kissing scene. Maybe when Craig Stoltz finally kisses the Mary Stuart Masterson character (Watts) in Some Kind of Wonderful. (I need to think a little more on this one.) The first time Max kisses Liz on Roswell (but that’s not a movie…)

3. What movie had the most impact on how you view life and why?
flightnavI’ll give two answers.

  1. Flight of the Navigator (the best Disney movie ever, which finally just came out on DVD last week): Because it always makes me feel like a little kid. Every time I’ve seen it. and that’s worth something.
  2. Sabrina (the remake): I’ve always wanted to go to Paris after I saw that movie I kept thinking about it and a day (or two) later I realized “hey! I can go to Paris”, so I signed up for a French class and realized if I really wanted to do it I could, it really changed my perspective on things.

From Wednesday Matinee.

FYI, I never made it to Paris, got fed up learning the language, went to Prague instead. I’ve been to Costa Rica twice and England since, but still no Paris…

Written By: Gary on May 28, 2004 No Comment
Where do you plan to go on vacation this year, or where would you want to go?
I’ve still never been to Roswell. But I think I’d like to go to London while it’s nice this summer. Maybe back to Costa Rica when it’s cold up here…
What color is your bedroom? If you could redecorate it, what would you change?
Plain, flat off white. I’m pretty happy with it, maybe a new bigger bed. Oh, and I’d paint the Windows black!
Do you have a bumper sticker on your vehicle? If not, make one up!
Main Course
What’s the worst pain you’ve ever been in?
When I was fifteen I walked through a glass door at the mall, cut up both of my arms pretty bad, bad enough that my mom probably didn’t have any problem following the trail… Hours later the shot they gave me at the hospital for pain hurt much more than the actual accident (but I wasn’t in shock any more either.
Who is your favorite celebrity? What do they do that inspires you?
Gene Hackman. He always does great and he does different roles from being a spy to Lex Luthor to…

From the new meme Friday Feast.

Written By: Gary on May 20, 2004 No Comment
Onesome- Beginnings: Are there any television shows out there that you’ve watched regularly from the very beginning?
Joan of Arcadia, Smallville, Sports Night, Friends, Alias, Strange Luck, Roswell, VR5 and probably a few other sci-fi shows that didn’t last wlong.
Twosome- Middles: What about shows that you came into in the middle of the season but immediately grabbed your attention and turned you into a die-hard fan?
Actualy Friends was a middle of the season and but I was hooked. Mad About You hooked me for a while. I’m sure there is more
Threesome- And Ends: Recently, a number of big name shows have ended, Friends, Fraiser, The Drew Carey Show, and the cult hit, Angel. Did you watch any of the big finales? Have you ever been really sad to see a show go?
I was sad to see Sports Night and Roswell go. Every thing else was kinda short, this year I’ve lost a few: The Handler, Wonderfalls, I’m with Her, Century City and I’m sure there are a few more but I’d have to check my TiVo.

From The Thursday Threesome

Written By: Gary on April 18, 2004 7 Comments

Here’s my 100 things about me page. (If you’re looking for my 101 in 1001 days list go here.) To follow the theme that I’ve found on many other sites, partially to see what I come up with and to let others see what I come up with. I’ve broken this down a bit: I like, I dislike, I am, I’ve live in, I wish I understood more about, places I’ve been and before I die…

It’s interesting how many of these things I’ve blogged about so far…

UPDATE: December 2004/June 2005. I just came here to update this. I can’t believe how much it has not changed. The only other things are I’ve been liking my iPod (and listening to podcasting), the Scene It? DVD games and maybe some additional music groups (Katy Rose and maybe a few others) and I won’t add them until they’ve been around a bit longer. Probably “Two and a Half Men” (I laugh SO hard) and Liz Phair (added).

    I like:

  1. Riding on the train
  2. Driving with the top down
  3. The Internet
  4. MSU
  5. Ice cream (Cookie Dough from QD)
  6. Rollerblading
  7. Sunshine
  8. My family
  9. Kids
  10. Babies
  11. Picnics
  12. Coca-Cola
  13. Gadgets and gizmos
  14. Taking pictures
  15. Tori
  16. Sarah
  17. Indigo Girls
  18. Liz Phair
  19. Jewel
  20. 80’s music
  21. _Joan of Arcadia
  22. Sports Night
  23. Roswell
  24. The American President
  25. The Cutting Edge
  26. A Christmas Story
  27. Flight of the Navigator
  28. Narnia
  29. Time Travel
  30. Reading
  31. Movies
  32. Dominoes
  33. Scrabble
  34. Euchre
  35. Sitting by the river
  36. Learning
  37. Volunteering
  38. M & M’s
  39. Smarties (the chocolate kind)
  40. Prizes in Cereal
  41. Soda Pop in a bottle
  42. Fun Size Candy
  43. Macintosh
  44. My i500 Palm Phone
  45. Tivo
  46. WiFi
  47. The Ocean
  48. Maps
  49. Luggage
  50. Books
  51. Ice Skating
  52. Sleeping
  53. Building a fire
  54. The Moon
  55. Stars
  56. Laughing
  57. Holding hands
  58. Crushes
  59. Traveling
  60. Smiles
  61. Showers
  62. Clean sheets
  63. Surprises

    I dislike:

  64. Pickles
  65. Mayo
  66. Mean people
  67. Sauces on my sandwiches
  68. Country
  69. Being stuck at airports
  70. Traffic

    I am:

  71. An only child
  72. Smart
  73. Tall
  74. Curly
  75. Goofy
  76. A night owl
  77. Was born on September 11th

    I’ve lived in:

  78. Royal Oak
  79. Berkley (21 years)
  80. Southfield (a 1/2 year)
  81. East Lansing (7 years)
  82. Haslett (4 years)
  83. Southgate (1 year)
  84. Dearborn (4 years)

    I wish I understood more about:

  85. Astronomy
  86. Women
  87. Art

    Places I’ve been:

  88. United States (all over)
  89. Canada (Toronto 5 times; all over several)
  90. England (3 times)
  91. Prague
  92. Costa Rica (2 times)

    Before I die I want to:

  93. Have kids
  94. See Paris
  95. Take a cruise across the ocean
  96. Find out what is out there
  97. See the pyramids
  98. Write a computer book
  99. Live happily ever after
  100. Find out “Why?”
Written By: Gary on April 18, 2004 No Comment
  1. Which television series do you think had the best final episode? Hmm… Have I ever been happy with a final episode…? Maybe Roswell, it tied up a lot of loose ends and left some options for the future (books).
  2. Do you own something that you really should throw away but can’t part with? Thousands of things: old computers, comics and other collectables from years ago, and …
  3. Would you be willing to spend a night alone in a house that is supposedly haunted? Sure. Especially if there were a prize or even better if it were truly haunted.
  4. Go back to your childhood … What did you want to be when you grew up? Mailman, Magician, Policeman. Astronaut (the only reason I didn’t follow this was that I thought I could do it as a passenger). The best was a Magician first and then a Policeman so I could use the magic to catch the criminals. As an older child I considered Chef and Photographer before finally orbiting around computers and training and video “stuff”.
  5. What do you need to make your favorite pizza?
From Sunday Brunch.
Written By: Gary on March 31, 2004 One Comment

1998 Olympic Gold Gift Set, Alias - The Complete First Season, Alien Quadrilogy, The American President, Analyze This, Animatrix, The, Armageddon -- Criterion Collection, Batman Beyond - Return of the Joker, Batman Beyond - The Movie, Blade Runner Director's Cut, Boys on the Side, Canyon Dreams, Chasing Amy - Criterion Collection, Clerks - Collector's Edition, Cutting Edge, The, Day the Earth Stood Still, The, Desert Vision, Dido - Here With Me/Thankyou (_DVD Single), Diner, Ever After - A Cinderella Story, Flight Of The Navigator , Fools Rush In, High Fidelity, Highlander, Indigo Girls - Live at the Fillmore, Jewel - A Life Uncommon, Jewel - Live at Humphrey's by the Bay, Jumanji (Collectors' Edition), Kim Possible - The Secret Files, Lilith Fair - A Celebration of Women in Music, Mary Chapin Carpenter- Jubilee - Live at Wolf Trap, The Mask , Roswell, Sarah McLachlan - Mirrorball, Sarah McLachlan- Video Collection 1989-1998, Sorta Fairytale -_Dvd Single/Jewelbox, Sports Night - The Complete Series Boxed Set, Standard Deviants - Astronomy 2-pack, The, Stargate, Stargate (Ultimate Edition), Stealing Beauty, Three Colors Trilogy (Blue / White / Red), Titanic, Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale (Special Edition EP _DVD Single), VH1 Storytellers - Sarah McLachlan
These are all the DVDs I own, many are music. I’m not a big movie collector but I’ve picked up a few here and there. Most of the movies were really good deals (many were under $10, if not $8) even with shipping but they still show my taste(?). I should have slightly editied since there were a few (Analyze This, The Mask) that I wouldn’t have bought but came free with a player. SO click on the icon to check them out.

FYI – ‘Flight of the Navigator’ is the best movie every (and it’s by Disney). ‘A Christmas Story’ is great too, I’m not sure why it isn’t in the list?!?

Written By: Gary on February 25, 2004 One Comment

They said they’d never release Roswell on DVD. They said that it would cost to much for all the music rights. But it just came out on DVD. But they said they couldn’t because… Oh. I got it… They changed the music…

I’m better now. Let’s get back on topic.

I’ve seen the first episode again (and again). It’s proably my most watched show ever (except maybe Sports Night but that’s another story). It’s a great show: aliens, kids tricking the authorities, a festival, Sarah McLachlan, Area 51, Jonathan Frakes and more great music. What could be better than that?

It starts off with Liz writing in her journal and a flashback to the Crashdown Cafe . Two customers in the cafe get in an argument and Liz accidentally gets shot and then Max heals her. It’s a great scene, great visuals, great music (did I mention Sarah?), just plain great. The sheriff’s dad used to believe in aliens and now he’s starting to believe. Did I mention that Liz is dating the sheriff’s son? It just gets better from there. :)

Did I tell you it’s a really good episode? If they changed any of the music, I didn’t notice anything. But I think the band was the same one who did some of the background music for the original episodes (but I could be wrong on that). It had a (minor) deleted scene, but I think it’ll be fun to seen them all again. They’re mildly widescreened (letterboxed), I don’t think they originally were. Well, I’m happy that’s it’s out and just needed to say so.

Written By: Gary on February 7, 2004 No Comment

Here’s all the states I’ve traveled to. Stops at airports don’t count (and I didn’t count the states I went through when I traveled from Seattle to Chicago by train). I might be wrong about some of those gaps in the North East. Heck, from the map I’n not even sure what states those gaps are.

I’m thinking my next state to fill in might be New Mexico, I’ve always wanted to go to Roswell.

Another idea stolen from Heather’s blog.

Create your own visited states map.

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