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Written By: Gary on June 17, 2004 No Comment
1. Have you ever had a roomate? If so, do you like living with other people, or would you rather have your own space?
I only had long-term roommates once (for 3 years), otherwise it was just a few summers in college. A friend couldn’t decide if to share an apartment with me or a girlfriend. So we all ended up living together. It worked out great. They got the big room, they did everything together so they were gone 2/3 of the time and we have kinda-opposite schedules. Most of my friends didn’t even believe I had roommates! Besides that, they were great too!
2. If you’ve had roommates, got any horror stories? If not, if you had to, would you get a roommate, or get a 2nd job to pay for rent?
No horror stories. I’d get one if I had too. It’s fun occasionally.
3. Describe the ideal roommate.
Neat, has money to pay the rent, lots of single friends…
Bonus Question for Comments: What *is* it about having one’s own space that is so appealing?
I grew up a single child so I always had my own room and space. It’s nice when you want to move/do things that you don’t have to worry if someone else will care or be bothered by it. Very low concern / stress issues.

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