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Written By: Gary on March 2, 2005 No Comment
Would you enjoy it– not ‘would you’ or ‘would you not’, but ‘would you have a good time’– if you spent a month of solitude in a setting of your choice? Food, shelter, and any other physical needs would be taken care of, but you could have no contact with any other person. What would you do? What would your setting be?
I think I could and would have a good time. I would be somewhere warm, on the beach. I’d want my my computer, music, audio books and a bunch of podcasts to listen to; actually I’d probably have some regular books too. Can I have a telescope and some clear skies? I’d love internet access (high speed of course) and if it was required I could avoid two way communication (e-mail and chat etc.) but I want to be able to work on my sites. I’d need to atleast blog about not having human contact(?).

From the Question of the Week.

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