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Written By: Gary on December 9, 2007 3 Comments

I found it! The ring I got in Costa Rica was buried in my luggage! I was showing Mark the cool features of my new security backpack and out it popped.

Cr2007RingIt wasn’t even anything very fancy, it was just one that I liked. I picked it up at a store in Jaco called Guajira, the word Guajira means a few different things so I’m not sure what the name means, they’re right on the main strip so you can’t really miss it.

As I said before, it was the only souvenir that I had picked up (besides my peanuts) so I was extra disappointed that it hadn’t even make it home. So I’ve been wearing that this weekend so I’m a happy camper :)

Written By: Gary on December 5, 2007 2 Comments

I purchased a ring in Costa Rica, I really liked it too. That was really the only souvenir that I picked up while I was there :(

About an hour from the hotel yesterday I noticed I didn’t have it on, but I did have my other ring on, so I’m confident that I put it on and it wasn’t in the car. My hope is that it’s buried somewhere in my luggage/dirty clothes but I’m not hopeful. It’s probably in the hallway in the hotel, where I was wrestling with my luggage early in the morning, most likely in the stairwell since that was the biggest trick (it’s an odd, steep stairway) everywhere else I was just pretty much rolling it along…

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