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Written By: Gary on August 14, 2004 One Comment

So I’m reading Zhaba Zhournal and looked at her about zhaba link and one of the items says:

Married, monogamous, bisexual (no, those aren’t mutually exclusive)

and I just keep chuckling at her parenthetical information. Did she get comments or just put that in in the first place? (I’m pretty big on parenthetical information myself).

Written By: Gary on May 17, 2004 No Comment
1. Have you made lasting friendships via your blog that grew into a ‘real life’ friendship?
No, but I’m feeling like I’m getting to know some of the other people better. Which is kinda silly, I know details, but I don’t really know them. I hope someone organizes a Michigan Blogger Happy Hour (Detroit) or something to meet some of these people.
2. How many of your offline conversations with friends, family, co-workers contain the words, “I blogged about that the other day….”?
Generally never. I don’t usually mention it unless someone asks. I talk about the web and bloggers but I don’t generally mention it’s me. Anyone who finds it (or whatever) is fine, but I don’t advertise… Not sure exactly why. Probably ’cause I don’t think they’ll “get it” and by the time they ask they’ll understand better?
3. Regarding blog templates – have you made any cool updates to your digs?
Just yesterday. I did a lunar theme and it should change automatically as the moon phase does.
4. Have any blogs given you inspiration this week – – good, bad or ugly?
All the complaining about Movable Type just made me think about UseNet/NetNews and the whining that always went on there. Asking a few questions, reading all the information really would have gone a long way. It was more a dis-inspiration. All the blogging about the torturing and beheding has pretty much had some bad karma too. I’ve actually had a good week reading, it’s just been tainted by some of the stuff. Actually Katie has been pretty geeked about her new apartment which has been a nice read and has put a smile on since she’s SO happy about it…

From RE: Blogs

Written By: Gary on March 24, 2004 No Comment

joy376If she was reading the latest issue of Scientific American at the beach in the topics paying attention to my feelings and and proposing. No doubt, I’d be the brain in the vat.

I was thinking more of the scientific pleasure scenario. I give them “smart” information and they stimulate my pleasure points thus making me want to store and calculate more information for them. I wasn’t thinking so much about the psychological debate about these things (would I rather be IN or OUT of the matrix?).

I also just bought The Day the Earth Stood Still so the old campy image of the brain in a vat is in my mind… Well, either way I thought it was a good cartoon.

This cartoon is from Joy of Tech (.com).

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