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Written By: Gary on June 28, 2009 2 Comments

It’s a shame to become so popular after someone dies. I guess in Michael’s case so extra popular (since he was so much more famous in the past and not so much lately).

And it’s always shame for someone to die so young.

This is from just a few minutes ago at the iTunes store.

Rest in Peace Michael!

Written By: Gary on January 16, 2009 No Comment

It’s been a week since the 6.2 earthquake in Costa Rica (Jan. 8, 2009) and while I’ve been updating my original post with info I thought I’d post another entry.

The death toll is at 23 people with 11 missing. Over 2000 people living in shelters and abut $100 million in estimated damages. This really sums up the whole tragic disaster.

There is a nice graphic of the area up at The Tico Times to give you some idea of location and details.

Speaking of The Tico Times, the latest issue came out today (it’s a weekly paper) and has a lot of information in it (they do sell a pdf of the paper on-line), they generally don’t publish very many full stories on-line other than by subscription but they’ve had a lot up there this week. The first 11 pages of the January 16, 2009 issue of the Tico Times is full of info on this earthquake, including a history of earthquakes in Costa Rica, info/diagrams of seismic plates in Central America a safety quiz and more. I’m not trying to sell you the TIco Times but it’s really got a lot on the earthquake this week and I do like The Tico Times.

I didn’t realize that this was the biggest quake in 18 years. Lately, I’ve heard mention of earthquakes, but I didn’t think I’ve heard much about them before a year or so ago. But I’ve spent more time there lately (4 trips in 12 months) and I’ve been getting The Tico Times delivered to Michigan so I’m catching more news that I would have missed before. I’m assuming it was my lack of information that led me to that misconception and not that they’ve had more in the past year.

There are volcanos in the area of the quake, the closest is the Poás Volcano which is about 10km from the center of the earthquake (about 90 km is the Arenal Volcano, the worlds most active volcano. Volcanos tend to follow fault lines and Costa Rica is right off of the one that becomes the San Andreas fault (if you follow it up a map you’ll see it). . Volcanos and earthquakes in the same place make me extra nervous but that doesn’t seem to have caused any issues. On a side note, the Poas Volcano National Park is closed through Monday due to some unrelated volcanic activity; it seems coincidental but maybe it closes all the time, but I haven’t noticed it in the paper before…

If you haven’t read it since I first put it up, I have added more links and news to my post from last week.

Written By: Gary on October 25, 2007 No Comment

So the funeral last week was really interesting. There were a lot of Native American Indian portions, I wish I had written this up earlier (or taken notes) since I don’t really recall many specifics. There were bits of singing and chanting and dancing and talking about the Indian ways. There were a lot of people speaking about him too, most funerals in my family no one ever speaks (other than reading a few verses) so I liked that part a lot. It went about two hours, and it certainly didn’t feel that long.

There were tons of people there, lots of family, friends and coworkers the place was jammed and they had to keep adding more and more chairs. It’s always nice to see that a lot of people show up for a funeral, but this was just huge.

Of course, there was all the (obvious) sadness and all that goes with that, but I’m not going to get into those specifics here…

Written By: Gary on April 12, 2007 No Comment

KurtvonSince it’s Kurt Vonnegut who passed away yesterday we’ll link to his Wikipedia entry since there should be some content about him. He was an interesting and bizzaro author, you should try a few of his books if you haven’t. But what inspired this post is two things, both of them odd and very unrelated.

I hadn’t realized he died yesterday until I got an ad from Border’s Books today trying to sell books in his memory (there was more but it had this at the top of the e-mail ad). I’m not sure if it’s in good taste or not and I remember them doing a few other things like this and while it might be good marketing I’m not sure about the taste part.

Ardvil-22So I never (rarely) watch television previews for next week but last night I did watch them during Lost. As usual they jumped around a lot during the preview and I saw it something for an instant and something seemed off. So I rewound the TiVo, this took about 5 tries since it was only a few frames but I saw a cover of a book. The book was “Ardil-22” (which is Catch-22 in Portuguese) which was written by Kurt Vonnegut Joseph Heller. I’m not sure if this was a coincidence or someone had time to edit it in yesterday at ABC or what. But in hindsight it’s a pretty odd coincidence that it was just a few frames of the preview. I can’t recall if Lost has ever mentioned Kurt Vonnegut (or Joseph Heller) before…

LATER – SO I TOTALLY SCREWED THIS UP: Since it turns out Joseph Heller wrote Catch-22 and not Kurt Vonnegut (Sorry Kurt) but while I’ve read several of Kurt’s books, I don’t think I ever read Catch-22. Plus it turns out that “Catch-22” is the title of the next episode of Lost so that’s the reasoning for that. So I’ve totally goofed up the second 1/2 of this message. There were no coincidences for me to see. And I thought I had tied this together all pretty good too :(

Written By: Gary on July 7, 2005 No Comment

In case you’ve been in a cave today here are some headlines.

  • London attacks kill dozens as world leaders meet 
  • London Bombers Hunted
  • Bush orders U.S. vigilance after London blasts

    So just three days after I mention we haven’t have to raise the terror alert level and how happy that’s made me. Here we are…

    These attacks bother me more than they used to. Ever since the 9/11 attacks deaths of larger proportions have bothered me more and more (a lot more). As a child I wasn’t generally bothered by disasters. If a plane crashed I understood it was still safer than driving. If there was some disaster a flood or a hurricane I still knew more people than that probably died in traffic accidents (Google-ing finds me about 40,000 per year); it didn’t make it okay, it just helped me to compartmentalize it. I’ve always understood that the TV sensationalized the disasters and basic things like car crashes were old news and not covered and it’s always annoyed me and helped me to not get to stressed about these things; I knew there was so much more that I wasn’t hearing about.

    But since 9/11 it’s hit me more. It was huge, it was on purpose and it was a lot of lives. I was in some state of shock (or something) for a while (weeks) following it. And then the numbers from the Tsunami last year the numbers kept growing and I couldn’t believe it. I’ve never been a big news watcher or current events, as I’ve said a million times, I hate that it’s just generally bad news. But during the Tsunami they kept listing numbers from other disasters so I saw lots of other numbers, big numbers…

    It’s really depressing, in a End Of The World kind of way. People killing each other in such large numbers and it doesn’t seem to be getting them anywhere. We’re just being mean except for when large number of people die (natural or not) and then we’re all mushy and we all try to help one another. The helping and the bonding of humanity is amazing sometimes but it really needs to last longer and not need a disaster to make everyone be nice.

    I’m sure these numbers will rise. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is affected by these attacks and will be ast these next few days go by.

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    Written By: Gary on March 20, 2005 One Comment

    Harry F. CarswellHarry loved the Harrison Roadhouse so after the funeral (see my earlier post) we went to the Roadhouse to eat and drink (and be merry) and they had changed the sign out in front of the restaurant to read “We Luv Ya Harry”.

    The funeral was at the MSU Alumni Chapel and it was packed to capacity (standing room only). Harry seemed to know everyone and everyone seemded to really care about him. The service was great and Darren gave an excellent speech on Harry meeting Melissa (Mom) and becoming part of their family and Harry becoming his and Rebekah’s Dad. A few others had things to say up on the podium but we weren’t really sure if we should applaud but when Darren was done we knew we should…

    Written By: Gary on December 11, 2004 No Comment

    So I made a visit to the funeral home today. I forgot how many people show up when the person is so young. He was about 24 and he had been a student in the school district where I work and his mother works there (in a position where many many people know her and trust her) so there there were just bunches of people. There were teachers who don’t even work there any more, people who knew mom and whose kids knew mom and it was really sad to see how many people were there. It was an automobile accident and there had been another death of a former student this past week (also an auto accident related) so everyone was even sadder than usual.

    I didn’t think there’d be that many people I knew there and wasn’t really thinking I’d have to be social and make much real conversation. I usually say hello (and do the other stuff) and then I usually get lucky and find someone’s kids to entertain while I’m there. Most times I go to these things I generally don’t know the family or I don’t really know the deceased; this time my connection was to both. I know his mother from work and earlier this year I was complaining about our department being behind in some things and she did the mom thing and mentioned that he was between jobs and so he worked for our department for a little while doing some various tech jobs for us. She talked to me for a little bit about that today to me (I was surprised she even remembered in the state that she must be in) and the impact and the closure for him being around in the district and such. I seem to recall that someone told me he was more of the spiked hair type of kid when he was a student and that wasn’t the case now so he’d probably gone through a few changes since then…

    Written By: Gary on December 7, 2004 No Comment

    So my grandfather passed away last week, just days after I commented on not seeing him and my grandmother enough. We’ll work out the guilt on that later (and we will). I’ve never done a funeral before with that side (my father’s) of the family. I had volunteered to do a reading at the church, I’m glad I did especially since no one else had volunteered to do any readings I got to do all three reading…

    So it was pretty much the same as most funerals but a little more boring. Same church as usual, same place for food after (as usual), but less fun, I know it’s a funeral but I usually feel a little more like it’s a celebration. Nothing super different, just a few more jokes and stories and such afterwards (or even during). I was really ready for a drink by the time we got the restaurant, but they did the no smoking no drinking option; I’m not really sure why I’m mentioning the drink part but it’s days later and it’s stuck in my head so it’s out on this virtual “piece of paper”.

    My cousin’s 11 month-old there and I got to play with her (once she warmed up to me) so that was great, she loved playing with the christmas ornaments on the wall and looking in the mirror. And I got to see all sorts of people that I hadn’t seen in a while and that was nice, I just wish we could do it more often than funerals and other obligatory days.

    Written By: Gary on October 18, 2004 No Comment

    So what will people think when I’m gone? When friends/family go through stuff and “find things” what will they think? When mom goes through my phone bills and charge charges what will make her wonder? What’s a “PayPal”? What the hell is a “BlogShare” and am I really worth that much? When she gets a bill from Network Solutions for GaryLaPointe.com in a few years will she pay it? When she gets friends to help go through my stuff what will they wonder? Will they go though old journals when they find them or just pitch them? Maybe they’ll tear our the pages relevant to past people in my life and mail them to them? (I kinda like this last one)

    Does it matter to me? Will it matter to me? I’m just wondering.Okay so maybe this sounds a morbid but I’m watching Six Feet Under again and he’s finding out a lot about his dead father. Some of it complicated (like he smoked pot), some of it astounding (his dad was very proud of him), some of it great (free oil changes for life) and some of it he just can’t figure out. There is other stuff going on too that makes it a great episode but this is the part really making me think. BTW – It’s season I episode VI that I’m finding so thought provoking.

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