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Written By: Gary on May 24, 2006 6 Comments

I’ve got this small clinic semi-across the street from my place. I can only assume they do abortions due to the fact that their are always protesters out there. I just think it’s awful that women have to go in there and have these “people” criticize them for a life decision such as this. They hold up these signs and say things (they seems quieter than they used to be) and have these awful posters that they put up on the side of their van. And they’ve got writing on the sidewalks in chalk (I think it’s just the phone number).

I just just wanted to see if there was anything I could do to help (to get the protesters away from there). Why? Because I don’t think they are doing anything to deter women from their abortions, I think the women have already made their decision. My opinion is that they are just upsetting and stressing these women out and may make them doubt their decision after the fact which they don’t need. It’s got to be a tough enough decision without strangers telling you what to do with your body.

So I didn’t know if they had any petitions or anything or anywhere I could file a complaint. They said thanks but not really, they did have a court date of some kind pending but a local resident didn’t seem to be what they needed. They seemed appreciative but (at first) I think there was some doubt that I was really there to offer help. I’m glad I went over there, I’ve thought about it a million times but felt funny about it…

I’m not trying to spark a debate or anything. I’m pro-choice but it’s from more of a “it’s none of your business what I do with my body” standpoint than some deep philosophy of life (and that’s good enough for me).

On a side note – My Mother had me at a young age and had to drop out of high school, her decision might have resulted in my not being here. I think about that a lot when thinking about these kinds of things but I still think people need to make their own decisions. She did go back to high school part time to get her diploma, I still remember that, I think I was in the first grade when she did that. She managed okay, but I’m sure it was rougher to do than I remember i

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Written By: Gary on March 26, 2005 One Comment

So everyone is chatting about Schiavo whom they don’t know about just giving their two cents. I haven’t give my two cents but since you asked, I would say it’s time to let her go, no matter what end you measure it from it’s probably the best thing in the long run.

But that’s not why I’m here today. I’m here for something far more local and that I actually have a little bit of an opinion on because it happens in my neighborhood.

Not far down the street is a clinic where (I’m assuming) that they do abortions. Quite often there are protesters out there chanting/singing/praying (sometimes with signs with horrible photographs). This has got to be quite awful for someone who has made a decision to go in there and I don’t think they need those people torturing them as they are trying to complete their decision. If those old men and old women think they are going to be someone’s salvation by changing someone’s mind at the last second then they are crazier than they look. I just think they are being mean, it’s not like they haven’t made choices in their life that others don’t agree with. If they’re gonna “help” at least hand out flyers for an adoption agency (they’d probably get more people to change their mind that way anyway).

And yes I do understand that I’m skating around the definitions of choices and decisions and life, that’s because my topic here is Mind Your Own Business.

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