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Written By: Gary on July 17, 2007 One Comment

I saw The Police in concert tonight at the Palace in Auburn Hills. They were excellent!!!! You’d never know these guys hadn’t toured in years, any other reunion (or county fair concert) I’ve ever seen you could tell everyone was out of practice, but not these guys.

I had a great seat, I wasn’t real close but I was a few rows off the main floor, I had a way better seat than the people who were 15 feet from me on the main floor that (I think) paid a lot more. They had an incredible stage setup, huge video displays and great camera angles.

Here’s the run down on the guys:

  • Sting – Awesome singer. He probably looks less old than the rest of the gang. (I don’t think he did any of his own songs, but his son’s band did open).
  • Stewart Copland – Excellent on the instruments, probably better than the other guys. Not sure what he’s done lately on his own (remember when he did the theme for The Equalizer TV series?).
  • Andy Summers – Looked a little ragged (sorry Andy). I’ve seen him in concert (he opened for Tangerine Dream), I thought he was a lot more mellow.

    I took a few photos, but I don’t know how to get them off the (stupid) Verizon RAZR v3 phone I have from work (my Treo is in the shop). I can’t seem to bluetooth them or e-mail them to a regular e-mail account, anyone?

    And what was up with the really old guitar of Sting? It looked in pretty sad shape, there must be a story (and someone must know it).

  • Written By: Gary on January 3, 2006 No Comment

    ThecloserSo I really like The Closer on TNT. I didn’t catch it until the end of last season (I think it conflicted with something else so I didn’t see it much), I like if more and more each episode. It’s pretty much a cop show with Kyra Sedgewick as Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson who says ‘Thank You’ so much you could probably make a drinking game out of it.

    She’s got this great southern drawl and is always very politer (even when she isn’t). They just started rerunning them in order (I think) and I really like they way they are introducing the characters. She’s a messy, junk food junkie and she’s got an awful sense of direction so she’s late for everything.

    She was brought there for her interrogation skills and to “close” the interrogation but from what I’ve seen it’s more of a detective show. A special unit called the Priority Murder Section.

    I thought I had seen her in more movies but the only one I could recall for sure was Phenomenon about ten years ago, I also saw her in singles but I would have bet money I had seen her in more than that…

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