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Written By: Gary on March 28, 2008 2 Comments

So I’m using some Costa Rica photos to test the new free on-line edition of PhotoShop. It’s very cool, does more than what most desktop packages do, but while limited, I don’t need much more. They give you 2 GB of free storage. It’s got cool slideshows (full-scren if you like) but I’m sure it breaks some browsers…

Costa Rica Dec 2007

These photos are from when I was in Costa Rica in December 2007 and left Montezuma and took the ferry from the Lower Nicoya Peninsula (Paquera?) to Puntarenaas.

Looks like you can even download your photos in their original size. They’re still in beta so who knows what they’ll charge for more storage (or features?).

They do give you a way to put thumbnails and links to photos with having to use their viewer. Although it seems to be a 2 step process (thumbnail then link) for each photo. But it’s cheap, high-res and the flash interface is great.

If you love PhotoShop, I’m sure you’ll hate it. It’s pretty as spplications, but since I don’t use any features past version 1, it’s very nice and easy to use. Here’s a link to the palette with all the main options on it. It’s even easier to use than I need it to be (and it has more features to use too). It e-mails a really nice graphical html link to your friends too.

Written By: Gary on December 15, 2007 3 Comments

I’m sure someone out there can help me with my problem, but I don’t know what to call it so I can’t Google it. I’m trying to create some banners that are 865×180 pixels (the specific size doesn’t matter, that’s just what I’m using today). I’ve got lots of images that are way bigger than that so I need to be able to zoom in and out and see what it’ll look like if I crop it. I’ve been doing it with some other tools, but my zooming scales are limited with Graphic Converter (I need some in-between scales) and with iPhoto (I do want to do this on my Mac) I’ve got no decent way to see what the crop will look like. Graphic Converter almost does it, because if I’m close (but bigger) I can paste it in a smaller window and fine-tune it; but when I want to look at an image at 20% or 30%, it’s not an option,

Obviously, I’d prefer to not have to get an ultra-exspensive tool for this. But there’s got to be a better way than I’ve been experimenting with. I’m hoping a flash tool that I upload my photo to and it zooms around for me. Or maybe just using a tool in a way I haven’t tried it yet…

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