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Written By: Gary on September 7, 2007 5 Comments

Momporch60ThSo I got some of the photos from Mom’s Surprise party up. This first one is from in front of the house, my cousin and uncle decorated it during the night. The rest of the photos are from the party.

I posted about 18 and hope some of the others with cameras will send me some. I you missed the post, the surprise party was yesterday.

These are really old school photos of my grandparents kids, my mom is in the lower-right.

Written By: Gary on September 6, 2007 2 Comments

So today my Mom turned sixty today. She thought I was taking her our to dinner tonight but when we got to the restaurant she was surprised that I had about thirty people there! I couldn’t mention it before today, because I don’t know if she reads my blog at all, I know she knows it exists so I didn’t want to take the chance. I made a lot of phone calls, my aunt called a bunch and my cousin took care of the cake so it was all pretty easy to set up.

The people who were got there first put up all the balloons I had dropped off and put some streamers around the outside railing. We had the timing down perfectly, I think just about everyone was already there when we got there. And they were all waiting outside in front so she saw them as we pulled up. It took her a minute to process all the people that were there…

We had lots of family and friends show up. Some drove a ways to get here so that’s always nice. Lots of cards with gift cards and lottery tickets. She’ll get to do some shopping this weekend. A few showed up later and a few had to leave early and it was a great time. She really had a perfect day and she just called me up again a few minutes ago to say that and to thank me again.

My Mom is awesome, she did a pretty great job bringing me up mostly on her own. She had a lot of help from her parents the first six years and baby-sitting help from the other relatives but most of the rest of the time it was her and she did a great job making everything work out.In case you were wondering, we went to Woody’s in Royal Oak, Michigan (they’ve got two inside floors and a large rooftop area). Very casual place great service, everyone seemed happy with the food and drinks. Elizabeth was our beautiful (and efficient) waitress and did a great job. Personally, I was happy with the bill, I thought it was a good value before I even realized they had already tacked the tip on. I’d definitely recommend there for a gathering in the future.

On a completely unrelated note, while I was at the party someone bid last minute on eBay for the bike rack that I was trying to get; it was almost identical to the one that was damaged last week (and barely used). I had just upped the maximum today in case anyone else had bid on it (no one had yet). They must have used some software to bid on it (or they were sitting right there) since it was bid at the last minute :(

Written By: Gary on June 4, 2004 No Comment

I fell asleep on the couch., I probably missed the dinner at the end of the year get together for work, but I still wanted to check out the entertainment/dance. So I ran upstairs to shower and must have lain down for just a minute… Well it’s way too late now (that was a few hours ago). Rats…

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Written By: Gary on June 4, 2004 No Comment

It’s been crazy the last few weeks. Lot’s of late nights at work, I’ve been doing 6-8 sessions with teachers, graduation and the end of the year get together is tonight and tomorrow I have a doctor’s appointment and then I had a 12-2 session with more teachers. Most of the staff will be gone for the summer in a week but it’ll still be busy. Lots of end of the year stuff (our fiscal year starts July 1) and then stuff to start the new year. Hopefully a vacation in July! :)

The get together tonight will be nice, it’s like a wedding reception but instead of a Bride & Groom, we have retiree’s. And we’ve got a great band, L’usa whom I normally go to see when they play at the local restaurants/bars/clubs.

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