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Written By: Gary on December 15, 2008 No Comment

A free update, weighing in at 190 MB!!! OS 7 was probably only about 8 MB total and I think a few floppies of that was fonts! (Or am I thinking 6.0.5?)

I’m hoping for better Airport connectivity and some more reliability with Mail and faster sync with MobileMe. Better security and a Trackpad System Preference Panel for the MacBooks too. More info here.

A reboot before installing might be a good idea… Backing up too, but that’s not likely to happen…

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Written By: Gary on August 31, 2005 5 Comments

I absolutely hate the new find in OS X Tiger. I didn’t think I’d like it when I saw it, I didn’t like it when I got it, now it’s a few months later and I still hate it.

When I want to search for a file name it automatically searches inside the files too, so I get a million more hits than there are just files. And you can’t easily separate from the two (filenames or contents). Plus you can’t easily sort by date or filename, it breaks it down by category.

And Spotlight should allow me to control/right-click on a name to open the folder, not the item. If it’s a zip or sit file and you just want to find it, it uncompresses it if you click it…

For being this huge new “feature” it’s not very friendly. I looked to see if the old find was still there but I don’t see it anywhere. :(

I say “easily” in that I don’t know how, so I really mean I can’t do it at all. But I thought I got it to do it once, but maybe that was the other computer…

We’re talking basic stuff here. A drop down (or radio buttons to pick filename/contents/both). Click on a column to sort it how hard is that? There are a variety of shortcuts related to it (buried in the help) but they need a button in the find window to easily get you to them. That searching inside every file has got to be great for my battery life…

If you use the spotlight icon (upper right corner) and pick “show all” you can get close to what I’m looking for related to the sorting but it’s not a normal user interface.

Like I said, I’ve been testing it out and it’s never made me feel it’s an improvement, I feel like it’s devolved. It’s got good brains behind it but a lousy user interface…

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Written By: Gary on October 2, 2004 No Comment

He says:

After working with OS X for a few hours, switching back to Windows is like partying with Charlize Theron then coming home to Kathy Bates.

His entry is a little longer, but I liked the analogy (especially since I think Macs are way the hell sexier than most other tech other there)…

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Written By: Gary on August 29, 2004 No Comment

I’m not sure exactly why I bought the Apple Airport Express. That might sound silly but it’s not just one device, it’s not two, it’s not even only three, it’s FOUR (yes four!) devices in one.

  1. It’ll work as a WiFi router. Can I tell you how easy this was to use? I was at my local Burger King and the WiFi was down again but the wired connection was up. So instead of sitting by the noisy TVs I plugged in the express to the wall and a RJ-45 (phone-like cord) into the ethernet jack and my laptop asked if I wanted to join the new network. That was it! I’m now wireless sitting in my comfy corner.
  2. A WiFi Extender. Does your WiFi network start to fade at the far end of the house? Put this somewhere where you still get a signal and it will extend the range farther for you.
  3. A music (i.e. iTunes) streamer. Computer in the other room with all your music on it? Plug in the optional audio cables into the AirPort Express next to your stereo and you can listed to your iTunes ianywhere in the house!
  4. Printer Adapter. Want to share a printer? Plug a USB printer into the port and you can print to it from anywhere in the house!
It works for Windows and Macintosh (but I haven’t tried the printing yet) and it’s great!

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