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Written By: Gary on April 30, 2005 One Comment

Everyone seems to be talking about this weeks release of Tiger (Mac OS 10.4). Most people seem to have some complaints (generally about networking). Now I’m definitely an early adopter of “stuff” (hardware, software, services) but when it’s a major upgrade of the operating system, I tend to wait a little while. This seemed like it was to be a pretty big upgrade so I’m waiting until 10.4.1 or maybe even 10.4.2. I need reliability a lot more than I need a few new features.

The big thing I wanted it for was I thought it was supposed to be a little cleaner code and run a little faster, but I haven’t heard anything like that yet.

Went to the Apple Store at the Somerset Collection today, it was busy but they’ve got the same (new) goofy layout as the 12-Oaks store. They’ve got all the iPod accessories jammed in this tiny area and they moved all the audio/video (adapters, mixers, iMics, video recorders, etc.) all jammed behind the kids play area. It just doesn’t make any sense….

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