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Written By: Gary on December 7, 2011 One Comment

It’ll probably be a while before my car hits another milestone. 123456 miles Probably 150,000 miles (if I’m lucky!). Actually, I take good care of my car, so it should last a bit longer.

But ss the title says, it’s the simple things, like hitting a milestone on my car mileage that makes me happy. I’ve got all my gadgets and “stuff” that I use in life, but it’s still these kinds of simple things that still put a smile on my face…

P.S. It’d have been more fun if my car had an old analog odometer that actually rolled over!!!

Written By: Gary on August 25, 2009 No Comment

It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

Watch 100,000 miles on 12seconds.tv


I’ve been waiting to get to this point for days and days…

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Written By: Gary on April 29, 2008 One Comment

It’s the little things like this that brighten my day :)

That and the fact it’s still running



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