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Written By: Gary on October 14, 2008 One Comment

Pict2734.ThumbIt was a beautiful day yesterday! The forecast was supposed to be great so I went to Kensington Metro Park (still only $4 to get in). I think it got up to about 79° F so it was a great day for wandering around the paths. Never did find the one observation platform, must have walked the long way around it.

Can anyone identify the bird in the photo? (Comment below)

Here’s a bunch of photos I took at the park (8 photos).

A lot of my photos from my nice Canon Digital Rebel XT got a little washed out but I can’t figure out why. The best ones came out from my old pocket camera (Minolta Dimage XT).

Park was quiet and lots of stuff was closed (boat rental, etc.) but it is kind of late in the season. But it sure didn’t feel like it :)

I’ve just starting playing with 12Seconds.tv so here’s a test from my phone at the park. It’s abruptly cut off but that’s because videos can only be (you guessed it) 12 seconds long.

Kensington Metro Park on 12seconds.tv

Written By: Gary on May 27, 2004 No Comment
Has there ever been a moment in your life when you felt at one with (nature, God, the universe, etc.
So I was on this retreat with college friends. We were in Missouri up in the Ozarks and it was beautiful there, in the mountains with a lake and a great view from all over. I’m not a particularly athletic person but every so often I get into running and the first few times after I haven’t done it in a while I go pretty good. I decided to go for a run and as I went I kept getting farther and farther around that lake. I decided I’d go around it. It turns out it was a big “L” (not exactly but there was a part/leg I couldn’t see) but from where we were it looked like an “I” so it was much farther and I just kept going and going and it was just great and incredible out in these woods with the water all around and all this adrenaline just running through me keeping me going. I was gone for ages and non-stop and just kept going I never knew where all of that came from I just kind of floated around on that for the rest of the weekend….

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