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That thing up in the sky! Probably more science stuff than it looks pretty tonight.

Written By: Gary on March 15, 2004 No Comment

So I’ve been working on my blog here and there. The display format is going to change soon but I’m not there yet.

The fun part is that I’m working on a “today” part of my sidebar. Be sure to scroll down and check it out. It’s got the word of the day, the phase of the moon, the sky, what Dearborn, Michigan, USA, Earth looks like at this moment (it shows the sunlight, but since it’s zoomed in the US it’s hard to tell how it works exactly, keep an eye on it around sunrise/set) and the temperature/time. All the graphics are clickable for more detailed looks/infomation. I’m looking for more of these little gizmos so please send me any if you have some ideas (or post in the comments). Looking for a today in history or Detroit/Michigan news one in particular.

With additions of these graphics and being more conscientious of adding graphics to my entries I’ve got quite a few images on the page. This breaks one of my cardinal rules only 4 (or 6) graphics per page (especially start pages). As connections get faster this is less of a problem and I’m really good at defining the size of my images, which helps pages load better/faster. Now if I did entries more often, I’d have less graphics, but when I don’t do them as often I feel like I have to make them better. So I’ve been using a not often used tag called “lowsrc” what this does is load a lower resolution image first so the page gets formatted faster. Here’s my question. Where the images load, before they appear does anyone see the word “loading” appear (in a blocky font) before the actual image? Please post in the comments and let me know if you do (don’t bother if you don’t). Thanks!

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