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Written By: Gary on February 13, 2008 2 Comments
  • Friday’s Mega Millions is up to $179 Million! So spend a buck and if you win, remember I only need a $1,000,000 tip for the suggestion. For a second million I’ll build a computer lab at an underprivileged school and teach (volunteer) their computer classes (this is in the vicinity of where I retire from the first million, probably Costa Rica). It’s only $110 million if you take the cash option, so take away the taxes and it’s a measly $70 million dollars…
  • Torchwood is on tonight and it’s by the same writer as last week’s “Meat” episode! More secrets of Captain Jack’s past…
  • I really need groceries, but I don’t feel like going shopping. Anyone want to run some errands for me?!?
  • One of my best friends, Melissa, landed in Costa Rica a few hours ago and I’m SO jealous!!
  • Written By: Gary on June 3, 2005 3 Comments

    Picture 23MegaMillions is up to $106 Million… Do I need to say anything more?!?

    Just keep me in mind if you win! Especially if I’m what reminded you to buy a ticket…

    FYI – They are changing the game in two ways come the 22nd of this month. The first is that California is joining the game which will be interesting if the jackpot keeps growing until then. The other is that they are increasing the number of balls and the payoffs of all the prizes.

    The odds of winning will get smaller but they are pretty small already…

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