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Written By: Gary on November 27, 2004 No Comment

So I signed up for getting some of my prescriptions by mail. I just got my first shipment. Here’s my pros & cons…

Pro: It’s only $2 for a 90 day supply (normally $15). That’s only 66 cents a month instead of $5 dollars. They’ve got pharmacists available 24 hours a day (although I waited 10-15 minutes today).

Cons: If I wait until the last minute it’ll take 4 days to get more. If I get something different (wrong) I get a 3 month supply; if I had been at the store and looked at it I could have had them swap it or something.

So the differences were the allergy medicine was the “real” stuff when I’ve only ever had the generic, it’s different in the active ingredients so we’ll see how that works for me. One of the other ones was the “same” but tablet not capsule, it’s “exactly the same” but if I want the capsule instead I need the doctor to rewrite it (why if it’s exactly the same? they made the judgement call to give me the tablets, not the capsules…).

Did I tell you it’s only $2 for a 3 month supply?!? (That’s as close to “free” as you can get).

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