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Written By: Gary on April 3, 2005 One Comment

So after all the news about Terri Shiavo’s life and death I’ve seen information related to Living Wills all over the place. So I went and printed one off and filled it out. I still need to sign it and have it witnessed but all the key info is there. Here’s a list of states with links to living wills, take five minutes and mark what your preference is and who you want to make those choices (that’s really all you have to do).

It also made me think of my will and I hadn’t done any updating to that lately, I usually try to update it every few years. I don’t have an “official” will but I do have it written down where I want money and stuff to go. It’s not like I have a bunch of people who could fight over all my stuff, but at least it’s written down what I want. Otherwise, how would my mother know what to do with it? She probably doesn’t know most of my friends and she certainly doesn’t know the last names of most of the ones she does know. I keep with it a list of debt (only my house at this time) and stuff like bank accounts, IRAs and insurance information. I also have a list of things related to my funeral (okay, so maybe it’s getting a little morbid) but people always say “what would they want?” so now some of it’s written down. No one will say “hmm… in lieu of flowers, where should we send it” or “does he want it in the church he goes to? (and where is that?) or where he went when he was growing up?”. So I’ve got a few things little things like that put together, people don’t have to do it (what choice do I have at that point?) but at least I let them know what I wanted and there won’t be confusion about it…

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