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Written By: Gary on August 17, 2008 One Comment

I’m about 17 days from needing to complete my 101 in 1001 list, I haven’t been working on it much so it’s time to revisit and cross a few things off. I’ve only completed 52 of my items. Looks like I’ll complete about 6 more. As resolutions go I’m still above average as I’ll have done more than 18 items a year :)

So I love my 101 list but some things just didn’t get done. I thought I’d have done better. Things I could have done to ensure I accomplished more:

  • Don’t pick bands to make an effort to go see if they might not actually tour.
  • Don’t pick a location to travel to when your interests might change (instead say “visit a country overseas that you haven’t been to before”)
  • Don’t pick something to go to (like SXSW or Burning Man) that doesn’t ever fit the schedule of the job you have.
  • Some items should really be two or three items.
  • Don’t have too many items dependent on other items.
  • Don’t make them too much work and not fun (I think I created some to just fill the list)
  • Don’t pick so many vacation items, you might want to go somewhere else (especially when you consider I’ve gone to Costa Rica 4 times in the same period).
  • Don’t pick such complicated items (do ______ once a year) that should have been separate items

    If I would avoided the above I probably could have easily accomplished anther 20. Some were just are impossible to do based on the items I picked.

    A few items I’ve just recently finally crossed off (but I might have actually done them months ago)
    Take Mom to England
    Get something for my car to integrate my iPod better
    Move somewhere else local?
    Go one week without using any cash
    Change all exterior bulbs in my car

    I’ve got a few that I did make some progress in the right direction so I’ll credit myself a few points. But I’ve got a bunch that didn’t get touched.

  • Written By: Gary on April 24, 2004 No Comment

    I stumbled on http://www.5ives.com/ where Merlin makes up lists of five things related to anything. Such as:

  • Five favorite moments on a given commercial airline flight
  • Five unfortunate Valentine’s Day gifts
  • Five ill-advised giveaway nights at the ballpark

    They’re better if you read them with the items. If you don’t smile/giggle at least one, I’d double your money back.

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    Written By: Gary on January 11, 2004 No Comment

    It was a nice weekend! Got lots of things checked off my list. Got a few things 1/2 checked off (so my place is a mess since I didn’t finish those projects, even though I started them). Went to a restaurant that I really like but can never remember… The takeout boxes are black styrofoam, looks kinda cool for leftovers.

    Still have my Christmas tree up. But I really like the lights and I’ll have to rearrange if I take it down. :)

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