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Written By: Gary on March 20, 2005 One Comment

It’s been making me crazy that I haven’t ever finished changing my layout after I started it a few weeks ago (I never intended to permanently keep that crazy background). I’ve looked for layouts and backgrounds a few times but never really found what I wanted. Actually I still haven’t found exactly what I wanted, I really wanted something with a more “springy” feel to it (but I was trying to avoid flowers and such)…

Trish had some patterns that I liked so I picked them up for a great price from In A Mood Designs at iam-designs.com

I really liked the background I’m using (scroll down to see it without text in front) it’s got the greens I was looking for (with some yellowish tones and red) but in an outer-space nebula-ish looking way (but I never ended up using the greens in front).

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Written By: Gary on March 5, 2005 No Comment

I’ve removed the psychedelic background and I’ve also softened up the colors a little.

I will be totally rearranging the background to something more themed (as I usually have) but I just haven’t had the time and probably won’t for a few more days…

Written By: Gary on February 28, 2005 3 Comments

So the awful colors aren’t bothering me so much anymore (but I’m pretty exhausted), I think they’ll stay for a few days…

I was really looking for a something spring-ish but everything seemed to be too sporty or two girly for me…

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Written By: Gary on February 27, 2005 4 Comments

So I know the colors (on my blog) are awful. I’ll fix them but my batteries are dying and I don’t want to get stuck halfway through an edit. Just for chuckles, scroll down and look at the background (it’s not really moving).

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Written By: Gary on July 5, 2004 No Comment

I like the leaf motif and the colors but what I really wanted was something more green (this brownish stuff isn’t summer-ish enough for me) if anyone has a good green leafy background please let me know…

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Written By: Gary on May 16, 2004 One Comment

Dawn’s site, breakdAwn, has only been up for ten or so days now and she’s already changed the layout three or four times. That’s not to say she hasn’t been writing, just that’s she’s gotten into this. Now who else can I recommend this to..?

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Written By: Gary on April 18, 2004 No Comment

So I’ve been messing with a new look again. New colors and a slightly new format. I like it better than the oddly-pinkish colors that I had before…

On the front page I do the date differently. I did not implement this on the other pages yet because I was having some formatting problems on some browsers (i.e. IE) and if I still have problems, I don’t want a bunch of broken pages.

I’m looking for some tiles for the background with a more digital/geeky look. Any suggestions?

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Written By: Gary on April 13, 2004 One Comment

So I’m not liking these new colors on the blog. But I’ve been fussing with them for a while so they are staying for a few days, I’ve been liking this red so I thought I’d like the look. I know the background isn’t the most masculine but I didn’t think trying to contrast the colors was going to look so non-masculine. It was either too pink or too pukey…

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Written By: Gary on March 21, 2004 No Comment

So I’ve been working on changing my blog look. It’s not significant but I want to take some baby steps since I’m always worried about breaking it. I’ll be doing a few more changes, but I’m not sure how much. I’ll have to see how it turns out and how it looks on other browsers. If this looks funny to anyone please leave a comment about “funny how” and what browser/computer you are using. My biggest concern is the text from the left column running under the right column.

I know the ‘leave a comment’ areas look a little goofy, I’ll clean them up later.

I was bouncing around looking at other blogs and noticed how similar mine still looks to some others. One I went to was a simliar duplicate…. Well, the fun is in the doing.

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