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Written By: Gary on February 12, 2005 No Comment

So I increased my minutes on my cell phone. The intent was to give up my landline and save $$$.

So I’m having issues giving up my phone number. I’ve considered something like Packet8 (VOIP) Voice Over IP (19.95 a month, only 3% tax, no other fees) for some phone over my high speed internet and while they’ll give me unlimited calls and let me keep my current number it’s kind of a wash dollar-wise after adding the extra minutes to my cell. I guess if it sounds great I could lower my cell plan but I’m just not sure.

I’d probably be happy with even just switching my phone to a voice mail service or something internet related (like e-fax, at least they used to have voice mail) like that. If I could keep my number somehow just for a little while so I don’t have to lose it if I change my mind.

Is anyone out there doing something like this? Any suggestions?

FYI: My phone bill was about $48-$52 a month ($19.95, $2-$4 in long distance and a lot of taxes). So I added more cell minutes for $25 so it’s gotta be cheap or good enough so I can lower the cell minutes. If I added this VOIP service at $20 a month, I’m really only saving about $5 a month, not a reason to sacrifice anything.

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