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Written By: Gary on March 23, 2005 No Comment

What piece of music have you listened to just because someone you respect or admire – but don’t actually know in person – recommended it?

The Lacivious Biddies. They do an interesting mix of music and harmony. Adam Curry, (the father of podcasting (and former Mtv VJ), loves them and plays them on his show and I really liked the songs he plays. I jsut got the CDs last week and a few tracks have grown on me (a few others I’m not sure of yet). Here’s a few samples: You don’t know me, (I Wanna be) Famous, Coney Island and they do a great cover (of the Go Go’s) Head Over Heels too!

They also do a podcast – The BiddyCast.

From the Midweek Music Meme

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