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Written By: Gary on August 6, 2005 2 Comments

Picture 4What do Kelly Ripa, Felicity Huffman, Dakota Fanning, Ray Romano, Adam West, Nancy Cartwright, and Freddie Prinze Jr. have in common? They’ve all done voices on Kim Possible. I always find it interesting who does voices and I accidentally stumbled onto this site while looking at my log files…

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Written By: Gary on October 16, 2004 No Comment

List 3 of each:
Pet Peeves: irresponsible cell phone use, people yelling at their kids for every little thing, honking
Favorite Sounds: babbling brooks, ocean waves, (white noise from my sleep/sound machine)
Favorite Candy: smarties a.k.a. lentilky (m&m-like things from overseas), m & m’s and receeses peanut butter cups.
Biggest Fears: no wife, no kids, drowning
Biggest Challenges: talking slower, listening longer
Favorite Department Stores: target, best buy, compusa
Most Used Words: but, also, if
Favorite Pizza Toppings: pepperoni, ham & pineapple, meat lover’s
Favorite Cartoon Characters: kim possible, speed racer,
Movies Recently Watched: garden state, wimbledon, spiderman 2
Favorite Fruits: cantelope, strwberries, banannas
Favorite Vegetables: corn (canned or cob), brocolli, potatoes (baked)
You can find this at The Daily Meme.

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