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Written By: Gary on July 20, 2007 2 Comments

Found this cool 360 degree panorama of Karnak Temple. It requires Quicktime (I was there last year, BTW).

(I was actually looking for something on The Moon Landing which was 38 years ago today….)

Written By: Gary on May 19, 2006 One Comment

From Day 3 in Egypt I’ve got 150 more photos up. We travel to Luxor and visit Karnak, a school and the temple of Luxor (at night).

  • Karnak: Lots of photos from Karnak, I think it’s the world’s largest covered (enclosed?) temple. Lots of photos, sorry for the repetition.
  • School: We visited an elementary school. It was an all girls elementary school (700) of them. They had to learn English and as you see they wear uniforms. It’s also an orphanage for a small number of girls. We got to visit a few classrooms while they were waiting for parents to pick them up. I took a lot of pictures of the posters on the walls and other similar items.
  • Around Town: Flowers, buildings, the hotel, the view from the hotel, the McDonald’s with the delivery scooters, the group waiting to go out and Jack dancing.
  • Temple of Luxor: This is a large temple in the middle of town (well, they built the town around it). Some shots in the daylight and a lot of night shots). Notice the Sphinxes in the last few photos, you can see them lined up, they go the whole path back to Karnak with Sphinxes on each side every 20 feet or so for about 2.5 kilometers.

    A key thing to know about monuments (and I’m not sure how they define ‘monuments’) two-thirds of the world’s monuments are in Egypt and one-third are in Luxor.

    More notes: From reading about Karnak in the WikiPedia I guess there are 4 parts and we likely only visted the larger area of Amen-Re, this is the first and hugest place we visited and I’m sure a lot went in (and out) of my head (because this doesn’t sound familiar at all).

    The Sphinxes I pointing out in the last few photos, I thought lined a path between Luxor Temple and Karnak but somewhere else I read they were “ram headed”. So I’m not 100% sure on this.

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    Written By: Gary on April 19, 2006 One Comment

    Karnaktall1GarykarnakAfter we flew to Luxor we went to the Temple of Karnak. It was very hot (I finally found a hat to buy) and everyone (and there were lots of people there) were all always trying to get into the shade. They started building this complex 3,000+ years ago and it took over 1,500 years! This place supplied me with a lot of great photos (I just don’t know if I can get them uploaded).

    FYI: Luxor contains 1/3 of the world’s monuments (the rest of egypt contains another 1/3), I’m not sure what exactly defines a monument.

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